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We decided to add a page on EssayTopicsMasters that would be dedicated solely to academic tools. We hope that these programs will be useful to you and will save your precious time. Steven and I will add new academic tools here and modify the already existing ones. All the tools that you can find on this page are absolutely FREE. We hope they will make your student life a bit easier, and you will get more time for things that really require your attention.

Check our special tools

Free Thesis Builder

Try a Free Thesis Statement Builder. This tool is created to help students with essays, research papers, dissertations, and other academic tasks. Get a good thesis statement for your paper here and now!

Random Topic Generator

This random topic generator creates topics for your essays. All you need to do is click a button and get an idea for your assignment.

When Steven and I were students, we were constantly searching for ways to optimize our learning process. I am not talking about some tips on how to memorize new material faster. These techniques work but not always and not for everybody. I mean some things that could free us from routine tasks. Steven and I didn't have an illusion that there could be some kind of a program that would write a good essay for you, while the only thing you had to do was select a topic. However, who knows, maybe in some far, far (and about 10 more times far) future that will be possible, but we required help that very day and that moment.

That's why Steven and I started thinking what we could do to make our student life easier.We had numerous brainstormings, searches, attempts, and fails. Some of the ideas were good but could hardly be turned into reality. Others were not as useful in practice as they seemed in the beginning. Nevertheless, we didn't give up and continued creating academic tools until we finally succeeded.

Some of these tools were made during our college years, others shortly after we graduated. There are also those which we didn't realize back then, but we have the saved prototypes and are going to implement them some of these days.