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Transtutors - a Real Puzzle with Upsetting Results

As there’s no proper About Us section on their site, I was first forced to guess what this company is about. According to what I found, my first guess was this is an online tutoring platform which brings professional tutors and students who are seeking a homework helper together. But as I dug deeper, more and more interesting facts began surfacing, and I understood that Transtutors had a skeleton in their closet as well. It’s obvious they try to pass off as an online tutoring platform. But who are they in reality? Is transtutors safe? In this transtutors review, I’ll try to find all the answers to your questions. Let’s get going.

Struggling to Learn Anything About Types of Services and Writers

There’s really little specific information as to what services the company provides. So, I had to gather it like bread crumbs. I thought this site provides online tutoring help only. Indeed, almost all the information on their site is about it and their tutors. According to it, their tutors are super qualified teachers with years of experience working for top colleges and universities in the US and Australia. Sounds too good to be true. Of course, I didn’t buy it, and I was right (more about it you’ll find in the next sections of this review).

Finding the Prices Turned Out to Be a Challenge

Transtutors pricing was another riddle I had to solve. There’s no information about the prices on the site, and I had to contact a support agent. Her answer helped me to understand what kind of a company Transtutors is.

Seems it is an essay writing company hiding behind “online tutoring help!” As for discounts, I didn’t find any transtutors promo code or coupon.

Transtutors Have Quite a Reputation Online… And It’s Not Good

Here goes my favorite part of this review. To find more about their reputation, I needed to study transtutors reviews on the web. When I opened SiteJabber, a pop-up appeared. It was an alert saying that transtutors bribed their customers to place good reviews about their company. Not what I would call fair play.

Despite their efforts to pay for good feedback, I found a bunch of transtutors complaints from angry students. Many were complaining about the dire quality of their essays. Wait, isn’t it an online tutoring platform? Probably not. No transtutors reviews were found on Reddit.

Customer Support Was Good, But It Confirmed My Suspicions

To make sure they indeed write essays, I asked their support directly. The support agent Cindy was polite and answered pretty fast. In my conversation with Cindy, I cut to the chase right away. I inquired whether they could help me with my essay and she replied affirmatively. It proved the fact that this service writes essays for students and uses the online tutoring excuse to hide its true nature. As for the support itself, I’ve got no complaints.

Guarantees, If We Can Call It That

Is Transtutors legit after I revealed their Ponzi scheme? Let’s have a look at their terms of use first. You won’t find any link to their Terms of Use on the website as there’s no link.

This company hides its terms of use in the far corner of their website but I found it. Here’s what it says about the money-back policy:

It’s very sloppy and hazy, and I doubt they can give your money back if need be. The full Terms of Use can be found at here. Is transtutors scam? I am not 100% sure but they appear so.

At Least Placing an Order Was Easy

To place an order, fill out the form on the home page. You just have to provide your subject, assignment question, and the deadline. If you’re not registered, you’ll be asked to sign up.

After that, click on the “Get Answer” button. You’ll be asked how much you’re willing to pay for this answer. I indicated that I can pay $10 for the problem-solving assignment I sent to them. I named such a price because the assignment wasn’t difficult, and any math tutor would solve it in 5 minutes.

Once you have named the price, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard where the communication with tutors will take place. My tutor asked $11 for my assignment.

If the price is ok for you, click the “Pay Now” button and proceed with the payment.

The Service Itself is a Mess

This time I placed a relatively simple discrete math problem. The writer was to apply the Game Theory concepts to solve it. The price the tutor agreed to solve this problem was quite cheap. The problem offered 3 solutions to choose from and only 1 was correct. But you had to not only choose a correct one but to write down your calculations to prove the answer. My tutor sent me only the correct answer. When I asked for calculations they told I had to pay additional $10!

The Final Word

The online tutoring help platform which turned out to be yet another custom writing service. Transtutors doesn’t seem to be a fair player in the essay business as they don’t provide any detailed information as to what kind of services they offer; they hide their Terms of Use and bribe their customers to leave good reviews on sites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot.


  • Direct communication with the writer


  • Bribery of their clients to leave good reviews
  • Hidden Terms of Use
  • High prices
  • Hypocrisy

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