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OUR RATE: 3.0/5

  • Deadline: 6 hours
  • Minimal Price: 9.99$
  • Discount: -
  • Payment: Visa, PayPal, MC

Is There More Than Meets the Eye?

This time I am reviewing a Studyhippo writing service. My first impression from their website was as if the home page is created of banners - each part of the page tells you the same “Order now”. In fact, it’s not bad - at least you can easily find where to place an oder.

As for me, the site looks rather unusual, while the colors are too bright and don’t match each other. Though it’s just my personal opinion. From the first glance, I would rate the site at 4/10. Yet I prefer to conduct a complete Studyhippo review.

Ghost Writers

The services the company provides are writing, rewriting, and editing. The types of papers are rather standard - annotated bibliography, argumentative essay, article review, coursework and so on. Nothing said about writers on the site, but I’m not lazy and asked customer support. The agent told me they are natives from different English-speaking countries and have at least a Bachelor’s degree. Then she told me to ask writers about their degree directly after I place an order, which is inconvenient as for me. C’mon guys, add at least some info about people who are gonna do my homework.

Oops, Wrong Domain Name

Don’t expect to find information on this site easily. To figure out prices, you will have to sign up. You know, as soon as I signed up, I was shown this:

Oh, PaperCP… Really? Seems guys forgot to change a domain name when copying this text from their other site… Well, okay, I placed an order with the following requirements: essay paper, 1 page, 2 weeks deadline, and… I surely wanted to choose a Master’s level, but the site doesn’t want me to. As it turned out, the order I placed cost me about $15. I tried to find a Studyhippo discount code, but it was in vain.

Nothing to Say?

As I didn’t find testimonials on the website, I went to and and found no Study hippo reviews there. I also searched for ‘Studyhippo Reddit’ and got nothing in return. As usual, it’s not in my rules to trust services that don’t have a single review. Ask yourself ‘Is safe?’ if no one knows about it.

Nothing New Here

The site has a live chat and no phone number to call them though they state they provide one, so I had to text my questions. A customer support agent was very friendly and helpful. I didn’t have to wait till she answers because she was rather fast. Sorry for being so dull in customer support review, but well… let it better be so rather than a bad experience. Rude support agents frustrate me a lot.

Taking No Responsibility

Is Studyhippo legit? Let’s see. If you want a refund, the Terms of Use say you have to solve the issue directly with a writer instead of Quality Control. The company itself gives you the right to get your money back if a paper you get isn’t custom. Oh guys thank you for that, but what about solving issues with writers? How do you imagine it? What can I prove to a person who is sure they are right? Don’t we need a third party like Quality Control to learn the issue in-depth and help both me and a writer? I’ve got too many questions and only one answer in my head - seems with this company there is no chance to prove you’re right and really get your promised money. Is Studyhippo scam? I don’t know, and I really hope it’s not.

I'm in a Hurry Guys!

Placing an order is comprehensible, but not so easy - you have to register first. Because of the registration, it does take my precious time :( After you complete the form and click on ‘Confirm’, you will have to provide your email address.

Nothing Special

The quality of my paper was medium. I think I could get for it C, or B if I was a lucky lol. I was so afraid I would have to argue with the writer. Still, I can’t believe such rules exist.

Fake Features

The company offers its clients some extra features. For example, Free Essays that aren’t actually free. The essays are good (I suppose, but I can’t state for sure as I didn’t see at least one essay completely). But… Pay! Pay for your free essays! Hohoho!

Another feature is Flashcards that is a simple questions-answers section. I don’t know how they selected the questions to answers - it’s a riddle for me.

The last additional feature the site offers is a free plagiarism checker. Good news - it’s really free. Bad news - it doesn’t give you real results. The checker highlights separate words and states it’s plagiarism. Well, I don’t think words like ‘he’ and ‘to’ are plagiarized - that’s just words that exist and everyone can use them. Again, this is just one of the ways to make you place an order.

My Final Word

As for me, I wouldn't use this service. You may disagree with me, but first check out my resume on this service.


  • Medium price
  • Easy navigation
  • No problems with support agents
  • A comprehensible order form


  • pimpish design
  • no info about writers
  • no reviews
  • bearing no responsibility
  • takes much time to place an order
  • fake features

Thanks for your attention guys and be careful with what you choose.

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