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Is There More Than Meets the Eye?

This time I am reviewing a Studyhippo writing service. My first impression from their website was as if the home page is created of banners. Though maybe it’s not that bad, and you can see each part of information on a separate block. From the first glance, I would rate the site at 4/10. Yet I prefer to conduct a complete Studyhippo review.

The important about the site is that you won’t get a unique essay here. You can see the button that says ‘Become a member’ and no ‘Order a paper’ buttons.

Ghost Writers

The services the company provides are flash cards, a plagiarism checker, and essay samples. No writing, rewriting, or editing can be expected here. The types of sample papers are rather standard - annotated bibliography, argumentative essay, article review, coursework and so on. Nothing said about writers who have written all these essays. I’m not lazy and could ask customer support if only there were a chat with them. C’mon guys, add at least some info about people who write all those essays. By the way, a chat with support agents would be fine too. So, don’t expect to find information on this site easily.

No Free Stuff. At All

Well, samples and flash cards are available only if you are a member. The membership costs about $20 per month. I tried to find a Studyhippo discount code, but it was in vain. The only thing that’s free is plagiarism checker, but let’s be honest - you can check your text anywhere else for free not for $20. Good news - it’s really free. Bad news - it doesn’t give you real results. The checker highlights separate words and states it’s plagiarism. Well, I don’t think words like ‘he’ and ‘to’ are plagiarized - that’s just words that exist and everyone can use them. Again, this is just one of the ways to make you become a member.

Nothing to Say?

As I found only 4 testimonials on the website, I went to and and found no Study hippo reviews there. I also searched for ‘Studyhippo Reddit’ and got nothing in return. As usual, it’s not in my rules to trust services that don’t have a single review besides ones they posted on their site. Ask yourself ‘Is safe’ if no one knows about it?

Nothing New Here

The site doesn’t have a live chat or phone number to call them. The only way to reach the site administration is to complete the Contact Us form. As for me, that’s even rude. I had questions using the site and I would like I get answers faster. Instead, I have to send a message being unsure if they will ever reply.

Taking No Responsibility

Is Studyhippo legit? Let’s see. The whole system seems a bit unfair. You have to buy membership before you even get to know the quality of samples they provide. Moreover, such services can be easily got on many other websites completely free of charge.

If you want to cancel your subscription, the Refund Policy says you can do it by going to the Cancel Subscription page. And you know what? I didn’t find this page. If the company is so reliable, why don’t they hyperlink the phrase ‘Cancel subscription page’? Is Studyhippo scam? I will leave this question open.

I'm in a Hurry Guys!

The subscription process does take time for sure. Let me just show you the order of your actions needed to buy membership at First you will click on the button you see on a home page.

The button redirects you to this banner where you have to click on the same button again:

This click redirects you the next banner where you need to provide your email address and create a password for registration. After that, you can click on a payment button.

And here we go to the payment page finally where you need to complete numerous lines to reach the target. Time-consuming and uncomfortable.

Hazy Quality

The quality of the sample papers Studyhippo provides their users is impossible to assess until you pay monthly membership. And here is the problem - why would anyone buy a membership if they don’t know the quality level of the service?

The Final Word

I truly don’t understand why anyone should pay for samples that they can’t even use because they aren’t unique. As for me, I wouldn’t use this service. You may disagree with me, but first check out my resume on this service.


  • considerably easy navigation
  • design


  • paid content
  • no info about writers
  • takes too much time to subscribe
  • fake services, like Plagiarism checker
  • no writing, editing, or rewriting services
  • no chat with support agents

Thanks for your attention guys and be careful with what you choose.

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