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Speedy Overview of a SpeedyPaper Company

The company that I've chosen for the today discussion is SpeedyPaper. It is one of those services which have existed for many years and did not appear yesterday. Actually, they are in this industry for 5 years and I must admit it is long enough because many of writing service usually fade away in a year or two.The main office is located in Delaware, USA.

Types of Services and Writers

Speedy paper order

SpeedyPaper offers mainly three types of services: writing from scratch, rewriting and editing, and resume writing. The company provides various types of papers from simple essays to more complex research papers and even dissertations.

I asked the customer support agent about their writers and she assured me that they hire them only from the United States, the UK, Canada, and Australia. They don't work with non-native English speaking writers.

Prices and Constantly Growing Discount System

Now, let's take a look on their prices. The minimal cost of a 1-page essay here is $9. To get a discount, you need to contact a support agent. Maybe, the discount is somewhere on the site, but I couldn't find any. So, I asked an agent and she provided me with a speedy paper discount code which gave me 3% off. Well, not the highest bonus that you can find, but taking into consideration the affordable princess, it is good enough. Besides, after you place a couple of orders you will get a permanent 5% discount. After about 10 orders the company promises to give you a 7% off bonus. As for me that is a great offer, especially if you are interested in a long-term cooperation with this service.

Strong Reputation

As it often happens you can find both positive and negative comments about SpeedyPaper. On TrustPilot there are over 140 speedy paper reviews and on SiteJabber you can find about 130. I look through some of them to ensure that they were written by people, not a robot. The majority of comments that I saw on these sites didn't consist of one word or one sentence like "Great!", "They delivered me an excellent written paper". They were rather written as the short stories, where customers shared their experience about SpeedyPaper. Some of these reviews were good, others were not. The general rate is not 5 stars, but quite high - 4 stars on TrustPilot and 4.5 stars on SiteJabber. Well, it is not perfect, but still very good. I even googled "speedy paper reddit", but found only one post about this company, so I had to rely on those reviews that I found on TrustPilot and SiteJabber.

Speedypaper rating SiteJabber
Speedypaper rating TrustPilot

Speedy Support is Always Online

I can say without doubts that customer support is excellent on SpeedyPaper. They have a live chat, so once I had questions I used it and receive answers immediately. The answers were fast and directly. I didn't have to wait like a couple of minutes till the agent will answer me a simple question "Do you provide the newcomers with a discount?" I also didn't get copy and pasted information from their policies. Human answers and friendliness are two best qualities that SpeedyPaper's customer support team has.

Search for Guarantees? Here They Are

I read carefully information that SpeedyPaper provides on its site. Everything that they promise correspond to the actual things they do. I didn't find any sort of information that they hide. For example, they directly say that they provide 3 free revisions. Other companies might say "We offer free revisions" and only after you ask a couple of revisions you find out that they have some sort of limitations and you cannot request one more revision for free.

So, talking about revisions, you have a right for 3 free revisions during 7 days after you receive an order. If your order is above 20 pages, the revision deadline increases up to 14 days. However, the number of revisions stay the same, though they promise to make exceptions and provide more free revisions if needed.

On SpeedyPaper I also found video reviews. That thing really impressed me because as a rule the best that writing companies can do is to provide some anonymous feedback. This sort of testimonials make me think that I can trust them. So, is speedy paper legit? I see no reasons why i cannot trust them.

Three Steps to Place an Order

To make this speedypaper review full I decided to place an order. The entire procedure consists of three steps - paper information, price calculation, and extra features. Each section has some obligatory fields, but I recommend you always fill all fields, even non-obligatory. No matter what service you use, the more information you provide, the better quality of a paper you receive.

Three steps to place on Speedypaper

What I like about this form is that it is simple and logical. Besides, you always see the price to your right. So, every time you make any changes you see how the price changes. Why, I think that it is an advantage? Well, I had experience with some services, where the final price you see only when you fill all the fields. And once the price is too high, you have to return to previous steps and change them. Then you have go again to the final step and see how the price differs. If you are not satisfied again, you have to return to the previous steps. It is very very inconvenient and takes too much time.

On SpeedyPaper I spent about 10 minutes to fill all fields and write the detailed instructions to a writer. The only thing that I didn't like about placing an order that you cannot see explanations of additional features. For example, there is no information in what way a top writer differs from a pro writer or what progressive delivery means. To get answer to all these questions I had to contact a customer support agent. Hope, they will fix it because I guess I am not the first customer who complains about it.

Good Quality of Paper With Minor Revisions

I ordered a 3-page essay with a 5-day deadline. The paper was delivered to me in 3 days and I was very happy about that. However, I was not very satisfied with a thesis statement and wanted that the writer had to review one section in my paper. Nevertheless, the formatting corresponded to the required style and the plagiarism report showed 100% uniqueness. I requested a revision and an agent promised me to fixed everything within 6 hours. Fortunately, there was no need to wait for so long. The writer fixed everything and less than in 2 hours I got my paper.

Indeed the paper required minor revisions, but since it was delivered earlier and everything was fine except a couple of things, I got a well-written paper in accordance with my deadline. So, if you wonder "Is speedypaper.com safe?" I will answer "Yes, you can rely on their professional assistance".

Some Extra Features Which Can Make a Paper Better

On SpeedyPaper I found three features - choice of writer, plagiarism report, and progressive delivery. The choice of a writer consists of Best Available, Pro Writer, and Top Writer. For the Best Available you will pay the standard price (one you see when you are placing the order). Pro Writer will cost 25% more of the standard payment. To this category belongs writers who have been working for the company during at least 3 years and have high customers' rate. Top Writer feature will cost you 45% additional payment. SpeedyPaper assures that it is a limited category of their best writers who hold Master or PhD degree and work at least 5 years in this company.

Speedypaper Extra's

Progressive delivery allows you to monitor the writing process on all stages from the first draft (the writer will deliver it to you) to the final draft with proper formatting and citations. This option costs 10% of the entire sum of money that you pay for the paper. As for me it is not the cheapest offer. However, if you order a dissertation, I believe, it is better to use it in order to control the process of writing. You can provide comments, so the writer could make the required corrections and in the end send you a paper which will absolutely satisfy your requirements and expectations.

Plagiarism report costs $9.99 or let be honest 10 bucks. It is a bit weird feature since the company promises to deliver a unique paper. Hence, I don't understand why I should pay for this report.

Drawing a Bottom Line

Now, I have to make a conclusion and provide the final verdict about SpeedyPaper, but first I want to say what I like and what I didn't like about this company.


  • 9$ is a good price for a 1-page assignment
  • Excellent customer support team
  • Progressive discount system
  • Good quality of paper
  • Writers from English-speaking countries


  • Only 3 free revisions, I would like to have more
  • Some features are not explained on the site, need to contact a customer support agent
  • Useless Plagiarism Report feature
  • The discount for the newcomers is low, only 3%

So, is SpeedyPaper scam? Can you trust them? Well, what we have here. A company that exists for 5 years, hundreds of reviews both negative and positive, but in general customers are satisfied with this service, and no hidden pitfalls. Indeed, this company is not perfect and they have to fix some things like extra features, but I received a well-written paper and I didn't have to give my last money for it. That's why I want to believe that SpeedyPaper is the company that you can rely on in a minute of need and it will not let you down.

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