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Minimal Price

22 Years of Experience

Hey, if you're looking for Scribendi reviews, I have prepared one for you. Scribendi is an editing and proofreading company, not a writing one. The company is located in Canada and was found in 1997. Wow, 22 years operating in the sphere would normally make me trust the company, but I prefer to check all the aspects. Life taught me that the number of years tell you little either about a person or about a company.

The site is light and visually pleasing. It also seems to be easy in navigation. Though, let's see why you would use this site editing a paper and pay them money if there are lots of free editing software. My main question is: Does Scribendi use human editors or are you paying Scribendi for the work they do with free software?

Ghost Editors

The core service the company offers is editing/proofreading. However, Scribendi proofreading services are differentiated by a goal of your paper. In the screenshot below, you can see 6 types of editing services by

Everything valuable I managed to find about their editors is that more than 400 of them are native English specialists worldwide. Due to this, there remains 2 questions. Are there any other editors that are not native English specialists? If they are located around the globe, is there any chance not all of them are English native speakers?

I also can't understand why the company places a photo of their clients, buy doesn't show their editors.

Explicitly Expensive

Bad news guys - they tell about their prices… nowhere. I searched the complete site and found no information on cost. So, I had to place an order to a get a quote. You can see the results below. For a 300 words paper, the cheapest price of about $14 can be available to you if you are going to wait for a week. You can though pay $22 if you need a paper asap. Well, this is usually a price for actually WRITING a paper. Editing doesn't comprise creating content, which is harder. So, why does editing service cost the same as writing? Seems prices here are explicitly expensive. By the way, don't hope to get a Scribendi discount code. They don't have one.

Dozens of Reviews on Site - 1 Review on Reddit

Time to check Scribendi reputation. The company has a separate page for Scribendi testimonials, and that's a big advantage. I've read the reviews on the site, and I must confess it's a bit strange that all reviews are well-written and don't require editing. Like you know, if their customers write so well, why do they ever need this service?

I decided to see what Scribendi Reddit feedbacks say about the company. I found only one Scribendi review on Reddit. To be fair, it again makes me think of free editing software.

I also recommend you to check Scribendi Glassdoor reviews. When I checked them out, I realized they at least have human editors. I'm still not sure if all the job is done by humans, but at least now I know not all of it is done by software. Om Glassdoor, I found reviews of editors that have worked for a company. The average rate for Scribendi is 3.5, which is not so good unfortunately.

Fast but Unclear

The ways to contact site administration are as follows: live chat, mailing address, contact form, phone number. Live chat is the most valuable because with it you are supposed to get answers to your questions immediately.

I contacted customer support, and got the replies rather quickly. The agent was okay - neither friendly nor rude. But seems he either didn't understood my questions or didn't want to understand them. Though the replies were fast, they also were unclear.

No Guarantees. No Refund.

Alas, Scribendi doesn't provide any legitimate guarantees and never offers a money-back policy. I am pretty sure that a company confident in their service quality should provide an opportunity for refunds. Consequently, if you decide to trust, get ready to be the only one to blame in case they don't do their work properly and you just lose money.

Flood of Information

The order placement process is a little bit complicated. Maybe that's because of numerous types of editing and proofreading., so you should read lots of information before you realize which type you should choose. And it's important to read everything carefully because the price depends on a type you choose. So, it takes really much time.


I ordered an editing service for a paper of 300 words, and waited for a week to get it. Well, grammar and punctuation were edited, but what about lexis and sentence structures? I intentionally used wrong but similar words and not the best wording. I don't get it, maybe for better editing I should order another service type.

Extra Features

The company doesn't offer any additional features. And it's okay, I prefer them to do their main job better then offer lots of services and features that will be on a low quality level.

The Final Word

Scribendi seems to be an editing service with a quality level somewhere between average and lower than average. The important point is it costs the same money writing service does.



  • Human editors
  • Reviews on site
  • Years of experience
  • Visually pleasant site


  • Too expensive
  • No money-back guarantee
  • No refunds available
  • Few reviews on Reddit
  • Low rate on Glassdoor

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