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Can I Trust This Shady Writing Company?

SameDayEssay is another shady writing company with overpriced services and underwhelming performance despite their claimed dedication to quality. Since 2010, the company has helped 87,000+ students, though there's no way to check this claim. Despite its user-friendly website and multiple guarantees, there are too many inconsistencies to trust this company blindly. So is legit? Read on to find out.

Some Services Are Not Clear, Others Cost Too Much

The company focuses on academic services and can create anything from a college or scholarship application essay to a Ph.D. dissertation. However, there are some options in the order form that baffled me, such as copywriting or tutoring. I also didn't understand what a “non-word assignment” stood for. SameDayEssay writers can also craft an essay or a cover letter. There's an “All Application Job Package” on the list, but its price is astronomical.

Prices Are Above Average

SameDayEssay prices start at $14.91 per page for high schoolers, but this rate is for a 20-day deadline, not a more traditional 14-day time limit. The prices increase with difficulty level from $17.01 to $26.31 for Ph.D. students. If you were to order a 3-page-long college essay with 5 days to spare, it would cost just over $60.

The moment I tried to close the tab, the SameDayEssay promo code popped up offering 10% off my next order in exchange for an email. Additionally, the homepage volunteers to slice 15% off the first order with a “first15” SameDayEssay coupon code.

Fake Reviews and A lot of Negative Testimonials

SameDayEssay rating on Trustpilot is great with four 5-star reviews, but SiteJabber paints a far more realistic picture of the service. Nearly half of the reviewers rate the company with a single star. They complain about sloppy writing and ignored instructions. SameDayEssay fake reviews are easy to recognize. The reviewers fill them with pointless praise adding no substance, much like the writers working for the company. I have to wonder if writers are the ones who come up with these testimonials.

Customer Support Wasn't Very Helpful

I did not understand the difference between college and undergraduate levels, so I reached out to the support team via live chat. The agent was quick to explain that the undergraduate level was appropriate for university students. I pressed the issue, as both colleges and universities award Bachelor's degrees, and there wasn't supposed to be a difference. The agent urged me to order an undergraduate level essay if I was in Bachelor's track. After a short argument, we didn't come to an agreement.

They Do Not Guarantee Paper on Time

Is SameDayEssay reliable? If you read the fine print of the Terms of Use, the answer becomes clear. First, the company does not compensate you for the paper being late. They can either offer store credit or a discount for your next order. As if anyone would trust the company that can't meet the deadline. If you claim poor quality or plagiarism, you'll have 20 days to send a refund request, but there's no telling how long the dispute would take.

You'll Need a Few Minutes to Place an Order

The order form was surprisingly straightforward. I filled in the paper basics and details, set the deadline, and created an account all on one page, and it took me only a couple of minutes. The extra features gave me pause, but I'll talk about them in a minute. The tooltips for the major fields were informative and helpful, but the tiny text size made my eyes hurt.

A Paper I Would Never Send To My Teacher

So is SameDayEssay fraud? They did send me an essay, but I wouldn't have dared to submit anything like that to my college professors. I'd chosen college level, but the paper was not suitable even for high school, with reasoning and evidence so weak it felt like the writer had spent only five minutes on research. There were typos, missing commas, and a couple of the sources cited were absent from the reference list.

Too Many Useless Extra Features

Default order form preferences are my pet peeve, and SameDayEssay assumed I wanted SMS notifications ($3.99) and TOP writer ($18.15) added to my order. I was quick to uncheck the boxes and went through the list of additional services they offer, including plagiarism report, extra quality check, draft, and more. The fine print listed the percentage of customers who found the service useful instead of explaining the price or the benefit.

The list of free features was hilarious. It included 24/7 online support for $4.35 and direct chatting with your writer for $7.55. The overall value of these “freebies” was $73.65! Can you imagine any other writing company being so generous?

The Final Word

Is SameDayEssay scam? They will likely produce a paper, but whether it will be worth the money you spend is debatable. According to reviews, I was not the only customer to receive a sloppy piece that did not meet the academic level requirements. If I'd still been in college, I wouldn't have ordered anything from this company.


  • Simple order form with helpful tooltips


  • Underwhelming writing quality with sloppy editing and formatting
  • Overpriced writing services and extra features
  • Too many negative SameDayEssay reviews
  • A hilarious set of “free features” worth $73.65

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