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Cliched and Poor

Hello there! Are you ready for the Primewritings review today? Let’s start. My first impression regarding the website of the company is not that good alas. I don’t like all these cliche graphic images and overall design that seems to be prepared within a few hours. I have seen those pics for thousands of times, and I’m surely not going to remember how this site looks in several days because it’s too usual, typical, and poor. Unfortunately, I can’t tell how many years the company has been working because they just haven’t included this information as well as their location info to their site content. I can only guess they are from the US or Canada because their phone numbers codes are +1 888 and +1 877. To be fair, I can’t understand such companies. I am really sure that location and years of operation are one of all those important pieces of information any company should disclose about themselves. For instance, in the About Us section. Isn’t it created for this purpose? 


When I went to the Our Services page, I hoped to see the list of service the company offers. Instead, I saw an instruction on how to make an order. What the heck do you need the services page, guys? Well, I found the types of assignments in their order form. They include writing, rewriting, editing, and formatting. The types of paper are as usual: essay, case study, research study, coursework, etc.

Here is the first piece of information I have found about their writers on the site:

Again, it’s cliched, poor, and sounds insincerely. Further, it’s said on the site that has writers from the USA, the UK, and Canada. Though they don’t mention if these writers are English native speakers. It’s not enough to live somewhere to write academic papers with the language of this country. They also don’t say if all their writers are from the above mentioned countries or just a certain part of them. 

No Chance to Save Money

Prices on vary depending on paper type and deadline. I decided to order a movie review. The biggest deadline you can choose is 11 days. A little bit unfair, as for me. You may need a paper in a 2 weeks, for instance, and let’s remember the shorter the deadline, the higher the price. That’s why Primewritings aren’t gonna give you a chance to pay less than they want.

Primewritings discount code is available when you make your first order on the site — 15% off. However, taking into account their prices, it’s nothing but a PR stunt. You can also get a Primewritings discount by their discount program, but your assignment should be really huge.


You can find lots of prime essay writings reviews on the site, but many of them are very similar. Seems like they were written by several people because there are only a few stylistic types throughout all the testimonials on the site.

To find out if there are any complaints on paperwritings scam scheme, I searched for the service on certain third party platforms. I searched on several platforms and found no reviews at all. Suspicious, isn’t it? Tons of reviews on site and none on the Internet.

Bot or Not?

I waited for about 3 minutes before their customer support agent replied to me in their INSTANT chat. I would say the answers weren’t human. They could either copy and paste them from their base of possible questions-answers or create a bot that replies with pre-made answers. I don’t like any of these ways. I always prefer human answers because it’s the only way you have a chance to get a straight answer to your question.

No Real Guarantees 

The company has a separate page named Guarantees. And they guarantee and guarantee throughout the page, but all these guarantees are just words. 

They guarantee quality, no plagiarism, on-time delivery and so on. Can anyone tell me why I should believe mere words? What about “we guarantee full refund if our writer doesn’t deliver a paper on time”, “we guarantee full refund if your paper contains plagiarism because we understand it wasn’t supposed to be there at all and you were expecting a high-quality essay for the money you paid”??? Who will guarantee this? Well, just don’t expect Paperwritings refund.

Disastrous Order Form

The order placement form at Primewritings is just a real “masterpiece”! If you have free 30 minutes, fulfilling this form will obviously entertain you. I will show you it all:

As for me, it’s a total disaster! Order forms as well as contact forms should be as short as possible. With you will spend lots of time to just complete the form.


Do you remember I ordered a movie review at Primewritings? So,the paper wasn’t as good as it should be. To be fair, I’m not even sure if the writer watched the movie to write a review for me. Many facts were messed up. The grammar was intermediate I would say. 15% of plagiarism. That’s not what I expected for almost $19.


Just look what extra features Primewritings offers. VIP support… What the heck is it? Can a customer just get normal support no matter if he pays for it or not?! It’s your CLIENT, and they can get free support. at least, any company should provide normal support service for free.

“Get an order proofread by editor” — thanks, but why can’t the company provide a qualitative paper with normal grammar? Why should I pay extra for this? Why don’t they put an article before ‘editor’? Get an order proofread by AN editor, right?

Paying for plagiarism check after an order was completed by the company is ridiculous. Too many questions, and just one answer — when the quality is poor, run.

The Final Word

I don’t recommend this service. Is Primewritings legit? After all these fake features and no guarantees, I don’t think so.


  • None


  • High Prices
  • Fake Additional Features
  • No Clear Money-back Guarantee
  • Poor Quality
  • Long And Time-wasting Order Form
  • And Many Many More

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