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One Million Free Essays. But What About Their Quality?

Phdessay offers online writing service, plagiarism checking service, and free essays that can be used as a source for your own idea. On their home page, they claim to provide near 1 million (!) free essays.

The number is more than promising, so I just couldn't ignore it and decided to check if it's at least nearly truth. Well, 1.5K pages seem to contain a huge number of essays.

But at the very first page, and what is more, the very first essay made me doubt the quality of their content. So, they simply placed a chapter of The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. Just a chapter with a vast amount of dialogues. I wonder HOW it can help me with ideas, not to mention I don't need a special service to read a chapter I can find elsewhere on the web.

Ok, let's conduct a review to figure out if they are really so great as they claim to be.

PhD Writers from... Nowhere?

The types of essays the service offers you are rather standard and include such common types as essay, case study, article review, dissertation, research paper etc. Of course, I couldn't do a phdessay review without working out if their writers are native speakers or not. However, their website doesn't mention it. I decided to reach customer support and ask about it straightforwardly. Well, seems guys are not going to support their clients as I didn't find any chat or link that would lead me to someone who could help. It turned out that a live chat with customer support is available only after you complete an order form. The customer support team states all their writers are English native speakers from US, UK, Canada, Australia, while the information we can see on the site says their writers hold from bachelor's degree to PhD's.


We Have Bachelors and PhDs, but You Have No Choice

Price list? Ah, whatever. You won't find any price list on this website. The only way to see at least approximate prices for 1 page is to complete an order form and provide details about a paper you need. I got through these 2 circles of hell and finally got to know that a single-page essay paper with a two-week deadline costs approximately $25. By the way, the order form doesn't have a section to choose a degree, which is rather strange. How do they define you need a Master to work on your paper, not a bachelor or PhD?

If you want a Phdessay discount code, forget it. I asked a the support team if there is a Phdessay coupon code, but their payment system doesn't include it.

No Reputation at All?

I surfed independent platforms for reviews and didn't find any either on Sitejabber or Trustpilot. Okay, I searched "Phdessay Reddit" - it should be at least there. No Phdessay reviews, nothing at all... The absence of any reviews makes me think they are either a too young company or just delete all reviews they don't like.

Hard to Find and Harder to Communicate

When I finally found a live chat with customer support, I asked them a few questions. The agent was friendly and fast to reply. That's pleasant, but... oh, how I wish I could find them faster and easier.

I asked a customer support manager about the way their grammar checker worked, but she said they didn't have such tool. After I asked why it was in services on the website then, she sent me a guide that could be applicable to any grammar or plagiarism checker.

First answering they don't have it and then sending me the guide makes me think she just found the guide in Google. "Ok, where is the field you talk about on your site?", I asked, and she immediately deleted the chat and banned my IP-address.

No Promises - No Vanished Hopes

After reading it all, you probably ask yourself "Is Phd essay legit?" Let's see, in contrast to many other writing services, this one doesn't throw a trendy phrase "100% refund" right in your face. In fact, the only place they mention refunds is Terms and Conditions. There you can see all the cases they provide a refund and how much they promise to pay you back for each case.

Telepathic Order Form

Placing an order appeared much easier than finding a chat with a customer support team lol. The form is very comprehensible and doesn't take a much time to complete it. Despite it you can't claim you need a certain writer degree for you paper.

Why Pay More When You Can Pay Less

I can't state the paper quality was poor. Instead, it was of medium quality. Say, a paper I would get C from my professor. Not bad, right, but actually too expensive for a C grade.

Fake Extra Features offers you extra features that include books which are actually writing tips articles, and free essays for ideas, reference and inspiration.

You will also find a plagiarism checker that always shows a low percent of uniqueness and a button to make you order a custom paper.

Grammar checker is also a part of their services as stated on the website, but I didn't manage to find the tool. Everything I found was a text that said how cool their checker is.

My Final Word

Though the paper a writer of delivered was of a medium quality, the overall experience of working with this site makes me wanna cry. Let's take a quick look.


  • Normal quality
  • Fast replies from customer support


  • Expensive
  • Fake features
  • Inadequate customer support manager's behavior
  • Challenging site navigation

When quality is less than perfect but a service is still expensive, I wonder why I should pay more. When replies from customer support are fast but unreasonable, I wonder why I should waste my time for such company.

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