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Hi guys! Let’s talk about a funny writing site Why funny? Because they’ve designed their website thematically - it’s all about cute little ghosts. The site of the Paperial writing service looks stylish. It’s black and white with small colorful elements. I totally like the visual effect. I searched the site, but there's nothing said about the years of the company's existence and its location. Well, the site is modern and creative, but is it really helpful? Let’s see further. 

Grammar Mistakes On the Site 

The company offers writing, rewriting, and editing services. You can also buy a paper from them, like a ready-one I guess? However, it seems that an editing service is available only for dissertations, essays, and research papers. A writing services includes standard types of paper, but not all of them. You can check it in their menu. All writers are claimed to be native speakers. But I just wonder why there are grammar mistakes on their website. Like here on the screenshot below. I strobgly believe it should be written “native English speakING writers”. 

Well, and they still don’t tell the country of origin of their writers. I don’t have anything against any types of writers, but we should confess the level of English knowledge does vary. They also say nothing about their writers’ degree.

You Have No Choice. Suffer!

I know you love the section about prices. Indeed, this information is very important. I’m sure all of you have had at least once a paper assignment that is 1 page long, right? Seems doesn't think such short assignments have right to exist. 2 pages is the minimum you can order even if you need just 1.

The situation with deadlines is also not so pleasant. Sorry, but you have almost no choice. You can choose a data only within the current month. What if I need a paper of 62 pages? Are they going to complete it within 4 days? I doubt the quality too much then.

The prices were really impressive, but in the bad meaning. $50 for an essay is incredibly expensive!

Fake Review?

If you hope to find any reviews on their site, don’t. That’s why I tried to find Reddit reviews and on such sites like and I found one 5-star Paperial review on SiteJabber, and this review was so dry and rare that it seems it was written by the company and really fast. As for me, I don’t see any reasons to trust that review post.

Poor Quality Assistance

Email and live chat are the only options to contact support, but live chat is more than okay if they reply immediately. I had to wait for about a minute, which is long for a live chat because you can start getting nervous wondering if they’re going ever reply to you. The support manager couldn’t answer my questions, and I hope she realized they were wrong. I will tell more about the issue I faced later in this review. Though the answers were human, they still didn't manage to be of any help or sense.

We’ll Talk About Guarantees, But Give None

If you want to know about the money back guarantee policy of, here it is on the screenshot below. Yes, it’s complete. Yes, this is everything they wrote about it. Yes, no conditions and situations are disclosed. After all this, is Paperial legit? I don't think so. Don’t hope to get refund. 

Bot Answers

I’ve waited for this part, because it was just really strange! The order form was comprehensible, easy and so on. It doesn’t take much time to complete it. Here is what I first placed:

This is what writers texted me when they bid on my order:

So, can anyone explain to me what they can be interested in? In a set of letters that have no meaning? Looks like a bot. This is actually the questions their support agent couldn’t answer. She didn’t know what to say. How reliable is Paperial after it? 

Natives or Not - That Is the Question

I changed the instructions later. I order a 2-page essay on the Healthcare topic. The paper I got was okay, but that’s it - just okay. I doubt it was written by a native speaker who lives in the US or UK. I think I would get a C for this essay. 

Nothing Extra

The site doesn’t offer any additional services. It’s simply about writing, editing, and rewriting here. That’s neither good nor bad. However, I believe it would be much better if they gave clients an opportunity to check an essay’s uniqueness, to find essay topics, etc.

The Final Word 

Is Paperial scam? I don’t know, but I would not recommend because I still have too many questions which their support can’t answer alas. 


  • Modern and stylish design
  • Easy site navigation


  • Extremely high prices
  • No firm money-back guarantee
  • Unprofessional support 
  • The question of legacy remains open

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