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Another Writing Company?

PaperHelp is an online writing company... yes... just another writing company which offers writing services to students. But what makes this company different from all others and what can it offer to an average customer who doesn't have a wallet full of money and needs to hire a writer who will simply do the job well?

I found a lot of reviews on the Internet, but as always, some of them were too general, while others have too contradictory information to believe. That's why I decided to make my own investigation to find out what this company can offer a student. In this PaperHelp review, I will show you what I have discovered about this service and whether it is a reliable essay writing service.

What PaperHelp Can Offer You? offers two types of service: writing from scratch and proofreading. I tried to find out whether their writers are native English speakers. The customer support manager tried to avoid the direct answer, saying they have writers from all over the world. So, I came to a conclusion that the company hires both types of experts.

I asked how I could get a writer whose native language was English. The agent advised me to choose an advanced or a top writer. These professionals have been working at the company for at least 2 years and have polished their skills almost to perfection. Besides, I was assured that all papers are checked by native English-speaking editors before delivering them to customers. So, even if a paper is written by a non-native English-speaking writer, you will not get a paper full of grammar mistakes and awkward sentences.

How to Get a PaperHelp Discount Code?

The prices start at 12$ for writing from scratch and at $7 for proofreading and editing. They have a pretty huge discount on the first order - 15%. As a rule, writing companies offer up to 10%, and those who promise you a higher discount also have much higher prices. In the case of PaperHelp, the prices are average, but discounts are high. So, you will not be overcharged for the first order.

PaperHelp Discount Code

Bad Reputation or Dirty Campaign Run By Competitors?

One of the most difficult tasks is to check a company's reputation online, and PaperHelp is not an exclusion. I researched about 10 websites with PaperHelp org reviews and found absolutely different opinions of people. Some were satisfied, while others seemed to be very pissed off. I read many of them and found out that negative comments are not justified. Some of them are a real scam. For instance, here is an example of a negative comment.

PaperHelp rating TrustPilot

Long story short, a customer named Eva was dissatisfied with her paper. However, a customer care manager wrote that never completed any order for her and asked to provide the order number. Eva didn't reply.

You know, if I were a very angry customer, I would try to do everything possible and provided as many proofs as I could to show that the company sucked. In this case, there is just one hate sentence and no arguments or proofs. As you can see, not only positive comments on the Internet can be fake. Some competitors use dirty tricks, and feedback like this one is a good example.

Customer Support Which Is... Helpful?

Customer support was fast, but sometimes an agent required some time to answer my questions. When I asked questions about writers, it was obvious that he didn't want to tell directly about their non-native English-speaking writers. However, at least he didn't lie to me like many other services prefer to do. So, I found customer service to be friendly and useful.

Guarantees of Quality Assistance

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper, you can request a revision. The company provides 3 free revisions. The deadline for a revision period depends on the number of pages that you have ordered. Hence, if you have a paper with less than 20 pages, free revisions are available within 7 days. If the number of pages is over 20 pages, you have 14 days to request a revision.

So, talking about revisions, you have a right for 3 free revisions during 7 days after you receive an order. If your order is above 20 pages, the revision deadline increases up to 14 days. However, the number of revisions stay the same, though they promise to make exceptions and provide more free revisions if needed.

The Order Form I Like

The ordering process consists of two steps. First, you need to provide all the important information about your paper. All the fields that you can see there have an impact on the final price of your paper, except paper details and topic. Those are free. At this step, you have to select the type of a paper, the number of pages, an academic level, a deadline, and a topic. Be attentive during this stage and check information twice before going to the next one.

The second step has a couple of features, but most of them are optional. In fact, if you see this page, you have provided enough information for a writer to start working on your paper. The only thing which is obligatory here is a payment method that you have to choose and payment details which need to be provided so you could pay a writer for the job.

PaperHelp Oeder Form

Unique Papers Delivered on Time

The paper was delivered on time, with no delays or excuses why the writer couldn't complete everything in accordance with the required deadline. I checked my order using a plagiarism detection tool, and it was 100% original. I didn't find any grammar mistakes or sentences which made no sense being written just to reach the word count. Hence, I cannot say anything bad about the quality of the paper that I got on

Everyone Likes Extra Features

Extra features are a good way to show that the company cares about its customers. On, you can find a couple of additional options which may significantly improve the quality of your paper, especially if you have no room for mistakes. So, what can you get here?

  • Official plagiarism report
  • Abstract page
  • VIP service and extra attention
  • Advanced writer
  • One of the company's TOP 10 Writers in your subject

Some of the features have a fixed price like a plagiarism report, while others depend on the overall price of your order.

The Final Word

Now, I have to say the final word about But first, let's take a look on the pros and cons that this company has.


  • Affordable prices
  • 15% discount on the first order
  • Good quality of papers
  • Various extra features
  • Constant discounts for big orders


  • Not all writers are native English speakers
  • Only 3 free revisions
  • Some negative comments create a false image of the company

According to my research, is an average essay writing company with a large discount on the first order and plenty of good additional features. They do not overcharge you like some other services operating in this field. So, if you are in need of a good service with reasonable prices and you don't want to give all your money to another greedy company, PaperHelp can be really helpful.

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