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Japanese Quality or Another Scam?

Konichiwa my friends! Today I have found a very interesting site for observation - ninjaessays. I really enjoy visiting such sites because they are bright, funny, and simply look awesome. However, as my own experience tells me, under the bright wrapping often lies a lie. So, when I see another writing service with a cartoonish design, a little bell starts tolling in my head, whispering to my ear - it is maybe a trap, just a way to distract your attention. I hope it is not true in case of ninjaessays because I like that oriental stuff a lot. Nevertheless, here is my ninjaessays review and everything that I have found about these shadow writers.

True Shadow Ninja-writers

The company offers 6 types of services, but actually there are only 4, others are quite the same. You may get help with your essay, research paper, dissertation or any other academic work as well as asking about formatting, editing, or proofreading assistance.

And what about their essay writers? Are they good? Frankly speaking, I have no idea yet. The info about a team of writers is like - We have a perfect team of qualified writers who can help you with urgent assignments and bla bla bla. Nothing specific, no details on their education, experience, or skills… true shadow writers, indeed.

Prices Are High, But Discounts Are Awesome

The prices are high here or like ninjaessays says honest, but only after I check the quality of the service I can agree or disagree with this statement. So, the lowest possible price is 20 dollars. That’s if you select the longest deadline, the simplest type of assignment and of course the less experienced writer of all possible on this site.

The good news, they have discounts - the first order price reduction and a lifetime one. You can see the ninja essays discount code for the newcomers on the home page - 15% off.

The second type of discount is available only for loyal customers who have already ordered a certain amount of pages on this site. To get the first 5% of a lifetime discount, you need to pay for at least 15 pages. The biggest possible discount is 15% which you get after ordering over 100 pages.

Many Customers Are Not Satisfied!

What do customers say about this service? I visited SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Reddit in search of ninja essays reviews. The general picture on Sitejabber is not bad, but if you take a closer look, it appears that about 30% of customers hate this service.

The situation on TrustPilot is even worse. Almost half of all clients think that ninjaessays sucks.

My search of ninja essay reddit leaded me to a couple of posts, but there were no discussions about the reliability of this academic helper. Just a few announcements made by the ninjaessays company itself.

Customer Support Isn’t Really Fast

I expected that an agent will play a role of a ninja, but she was just a common customer support. They could at least added a few ninja phrases to correspond to the site’s style. Nevertheless, Scarlett was good and helpful, though I had to wait around 90 seconds till I was connected to a chat. It seems they are very busy and have huge lines. However, for the money you pay, they could hire a few extra agents.

Only 72 Hours to Request a Refund

Is ninja essays legit? I checked their guarantees and paid a special attention to a refund policy. Guarantees itself were too general and didn’t raise the level of my trustworthiness to this company.

The refund policy was not easy to find, I had to scroll Terms and Conditions almost to its end until I faced this piece of information. The full or partial refund is possible but no specific cases are mentioned. So, the final decision is always upon the QA department that will require solid proofs and materials from you if you claim for a refund.

IMPORTANT! You have only 72 hours to request a refund!! So, if a paper is bad, do not hesitate to use this right or you will never get your money back!

A Simple Order Form

A one-page order form is what I like on writing service sites. You see all the fields which you need to fill and understand how much time that will take. There is a quite standard list of requirements that you have to specify about your order. Everything is clear and simple, so let’s move on and see what essay writing help this service has provided to me.

The Quality of the Paper Should Be Much Better for Such Money

Do you remember how much the papers cost here? Exactly, a lot! I paid a hundred dollars for a simple argumentative essay where a writer had to prove that CO2 emission is dangerous and provide solid proofs to support this idea. A very simple and interesting task with lots of information on the web regarding this topic. Nevertheless, my ninja-writer decided to choose the simplest way and just listed the most common statements like CO2 emission is bad, it damages our atmosphere, people get diseases, and so on. There were neither data statistics to support these statements nor references to credible sources. So, my argumentative essay seriously lacked originality and… argumentation. By the way, grammar was not of the highest level - typos and errors seem essential for these ninjas.

Extra Services for a Reasonable Price

Some additional services are also available on this site. For instance, only for 1 dollar you can get a UK writer. That’s funny. Actually, I don’t know why such an option should be charged additionally. And only 1 dollar… guys common, you could already do that for free, especially when 1 page costs 20 bucks.

There are a few other services that you can see below. The prices are reasonable for them, so you can try if you need.

The Final Word

I liked NinjaEssays as a site, but not as the best essay writing service. This site charges a lot of money like most of top essay writing services do, but it barely provides the average quality. That’s why the cost of this service is unjustified and I do not consider it the right choice for the money you should pay.


  • Interesting design
  • Extra services for a reasonable price
  • Simple order form


  • Many negative comments
  • Prices are high
  • Only 72 hours for a refund

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