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Let Me Introduce a Big Liar

Nerdymates...a company which strives being your academic friend, but can you trust such a friend? Is nerdymates legit? Let's’ find out it together and the best way to do it is to start from the About Us information which doesn’t exist on this site. Yes, such a must have page is absent here. This mate promises quality papers, but how can one trust this service, if there is not a word about the company’s story, its location, founders, goals, missions, and so on? Since the introducing part is missed, let’s move directly the services.

Fake Writers...Again?

A good news is that nerdymates say that all writers are ENL experts and they do not hire ESL employees. Sounds promising, but...

If you check out those photos of the company’s writers, you will find a very interesting thing. Those images are fake. Well, I mean, images are real, but people whom you can see there do not work for nerdymates. These are some random photos that you can find on the Internet. Just take a look at the guy in the middle. His name is Matthew, a writer, who will help you with papers on management.

And now meet Matthew on Shutterstock. Should I tell you that you have just got a portion of lie straight into your face?

I am not against using stock photos on a site, that is ok. I simply can’t stand when businesses use them to lie their clients. That’s make me really mad. It makes me feel like such companies think that we, the clients, are stupid and will believe each and every word they say without checking information. Screw you, nerdymates! That’s the first lie that I have discovered on your site in less than 3 minutes and I am totally sure it is not the last.

Prices Are Too High, Discounts Are Too Low

So, how much does nertymates want for the service? Too much, I’d say, too much. 18 dollars is the starting price for a high school essay with a 10-day deadline. So, a very average assignment will cost you about 30 bucks per 1 page.

I didn’t find a nerdymates discount anywhere on the site, so I asked a customer support and she gave me a 5% code. So, I believe discounts are available upon request only.

Too Perfect Online Reputation

When I started searching of nerdy mates reviews, I visited three sites - SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Reddit. TrustPilot gave 0 result, while on Sitejabber I found 14 positive comments. All there got 5 stars and that was very suspicious.

You will hardly find a service which could satisfy each and every client. There still has to be at least one who will be not pleased enough and he will set 4 stars.

Such a perfect image made me pondering whether I can trust any of these reviews. Especially, if you take into account that 13 of users who left their feedback have only 1 review on SiteJabber. Seems like they create an account just to say thank you to nerdymates or maybe somebody has created fake accounts to do that. The last one seems as a more reasonable explanation to me.

By the way, nerdymates reddit reviews are also absent, so do not waste your time searching for testimonials there.

Customer Support Which Doesn't Care

An agent was very fast, no doubts. However, when I started addressing questions about the service, especially about the fact that their writers’ photos are fake, he...he just left the chat with no explanations. Moreover, in a few seconds my access to live chat was banned at all, so I could not contact customer support at all. Nice work, guys! That’s how you should treat the clients! Well done!

Your Paper May Contain Plagiarism

Talking about guarantees, there is a long list of them in the refund policy. However, there are only two which you should know in advance, others are senseless. The first one is that you paper may contain up to 10% of unoriginal text.

The second thing you should be careful about is the quality. You need to provide very and very strong pieces of evidences to prove that your research is off-topic. Even in this case, there are no guarantees that the company will return you 100% of your money.

Try To Place An Order, If You Figure Out How

The order forms looks very complicated or better to say awful.

I wasted more than 10 minutes to figure out how to fill it. Many fields which are designed in different styles confused me a lot. Not the best solution and choice that one could make. That's for sure.

Overestimated Quality

Now we have come to the part where we will find out - Is nerdymates scam? I placed an order and the result I got was not promising. Did the writer follow my instructions? - Yes, he did. Did plagiarism level not exceed 10%? - Yes, it was only 3,7%. So, why am I so disappointed? - Quality of writing, guys, that’s the problem. I paid 33 dollars per page or 165 bucks in general for the whole work. It is about twice more than usually other writing service charge. However, the quality of writing was exactly the same. There were mistakes, typos, sometimes even awkward was not a ENL writer, that’s for sure. You pay more and expect the perfect paper, but get as you’d ordered from a cheap writing service. So, what’s the point of overpaying?

Fake Writer Extra features

It seems there is only one extra feature on this site, I am talking about a Premium Writer option. For this feature you should pay 50% more to the cost of your paper. By the way, the premium writers are people whom photos you saw on the home page. The ones with photostock images. Would you like to pay 50% more for lie? Or is it already enough for you?

The Final Word

Now, it is time to draw the bottom line in this nerdymates review. Oh, I’ve almost forgotten. There is also a nerdymates facebook profile. They have not managed it since September 2018, but there are some memes which are really good. I had fun. At least something positive about this company.


  • Nice design
  • Simple navigation
  • Fast customer support


  • Extremely high prices
  • Doubtful writers and their true origin
  • Complicated order form
  • A low discount

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