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Another Scam Service?

If you’d like to pay someone to do your math homework, may seem a good choice for it, but is it? The service specializes solely in math homework help. Mymathgenius claims to be in operation since 2005 but upon a quick check, I discovered that the site was registered 2 years later in 2007. I think they did so to appear more credible in the eyes of their clients as some similar companies like to do. Their site seems to be outdated but it’s easy to navigate through. No live chat option makes it more difficult to get in touch with them and place an order. All that may seem as features of a scam service. Is mymathgenius real? Let’s find it out together in this review.

An Impressive List of Services offers a number of services. The range of services is quite wide. They promise to help you with Calculus, Algebra, Statistics, Discrete/Finite Mathematics, Combinatorics, Optimization Problems, Logic and Set Theory, Matrix Theory, Ring and Group Theory, Real and Complex Analysis. The list is truly impressive. They can also take your online class for you, you just need to provide your details and one of their genii will log in on your behalf and do it for you. Not bad but what about the quality? We’re about to find it out a bit later.

Affordable Prices But No Discounts

The mymathgenius cost of services is quite affordable. There are no skyrocket prices as other services like to charge for similar types of work. For example, for freshman Algebra or GCE A-level Mathematics, you’ll have to pay around $40 per full solution. For 1st/2nd Year Statistics or Business Math full solution will put you back at $50 with a 7-day deadline. There’s no information about pricing for higher academic levels like graduate and postgraduate levels. Unfortunately, there are no mymathgenius discounts available at the moment.

People Talk About Fake Prices

To learn about their online reputation I went online and searched for “my math genius reviews” and “mymathgenius reviews.” The first two results were TrustPilot and SiteJabber. The reviews on these platforms are overly positive. But I found a couple of negative reviews. The main complaint is their prices!

Seems like they are very different from that given on their site. I was also interested in what redditors think about this service. But I found no mymathgeniys reddit reviews. So, is mymathgenius legit? I need to place an order myself to make a final verdict.

No Live Chat???

The big disadvantage of is that they don’t have a live chat option. You can contact mymathgenius through email ([email protected]) or telephone 1-855-4-MY-MATH (M-F 9AM to 3PM) (1-855-469-6284). The communication really sucks as they don’t have 24/7 support available. I called them several times but no single time got I hold of them.

Do They Guarantee a Good Mark?

Mymathgenius refund policy looks sane to me. They offer a 100% refund if their math genius took the assignment but failed to deliver the paper or if the calculations turned out to be completely wrong. They also state their tutors quite often promise a certain minimum mark but due to different marking techniques of your teacher, there might be some differences. So, the following table prorates refunds that are given:

Too Complex Order Form

The only way to place an order is to click on a big green button “Get a FREE no-obligations price quote.”

Once you hit the green button, you’ll be redirected to an order form which doesn’t look very appealing. It’s quite messy and obsolete.

There are a whole lot of fields to be filled out. It took me around 10 minutes to be done with them. Not my best result I have to say. After you fill out all order details, click on Submit button. They’ll tell you that your request has been submitted and send you login credentials. I was contacted only on the following day. If you’re looking for urgent help, this site will be of little help. I advise you to use other services in such a case.

I Am Deeply Disappointed With this Service

As I studied Statistics at the university and know Discrete Mathematics, I submitted a problem to be solved. I gave my math genius the following exercise:

They told me that for this task I have to pay $200! This was way too much but I had no choice. The solutions were sent in 2 days. The first part was solved with some minor mistakes while the second one was completely wrong. I contacted their support pointing out to it and he promised to find a new writer for a revision. 12 hours later they sent me an email apologizing and saying they can’t find a math genius for this task, so they refunded me 50% of the price I paid. But this is not a super difficult problem. It was such a disappointing experience using this service.

The Final Word

Overpriced online math homework service with an outdated yet functional website, mymathgenius didn’t impress me with its “math genii” as some of them were unable to solve a relatively easy task. I think it can be a good idea to look somewhere else for math help.


  • Many good reviews
  • Clear refund policy


  • Overpriced services
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • No live chat
  • Obsolete order form

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