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Can You Trust JetWriters?

I have seen so many writing services with names like essaywriters, ninjawriters, vikingwriters and so on and so forth. And today I want to talk about another such writing company - jetwriters. I didn’t find a lot about the company, except the fact that its representative office is located in Texas, but that’s not the actual location of the company. They also promise a 100% money back guarantee. Well, we’ll see whether it is true or yet another marketing twist.

So, after a brief overview of this service I came to a conclusion that it is an average writing company with little information about itself but many guarantees and promises. There is a lot of questions that I want to address. Is jetwriters legit? Who are your writers? What is your refund policy? All these and many other questions I have to cover in this jetwriters review. Continue reading and you will find out what to expect from this essay writing service.

An Ordinary List of Services and Writers with No Profiles

The range of services is very common - you can get a writing from scratch or resume assistance.

Infromation about writers is not available. Well, there is a section called Our Writers, but you will hardly learn anything specific about them. The company ensures that their writers are the best (but who wouldn’t) and you have to accept it as a good proof. There are no writers’ profiles where you could learn more about a specific specialist’s education and skills. Just rely on a company’s good word and pay money.

Discounts Are on Demand Only

The price list has four tabs - Writing from scratch, Editing/Proofreading, Multiple Choice Questions, and Problem Solving. However, the prices do not change whatever tab you click. Is it an error or they just have the same prices for all services?

To get a jetwriters discount, you need to place an order first, then contact the customer support and an agent will give you about 5% off. You will not find this information on the site, though it would save a lot of time for you. Thank you, jetwriters, for making it so complicated.

No Online Reviews at All

If you decide to check the jetwriters testimonials on their site, you will see a picture like this. Really? 4 short comments? Is that all you can? I started searching jetwriters rating and feedback on the web. Customers on Sitejabber and TrustPilot never heard about a service like this. My attempt of finding some jetwriters reddit reviews also failed. It seems that nobody has ever used this site. So, how can I trust it?

Incompetent Customer Support

An agent replied to me fast but God he was so incompetent and slow. I asked only one question - How to get a coupon code? Instead of just providing me with the discount code, he started asking me questions about my paper, whether it is my first order or not. Ten minutes later after such a waste of my time it was enough for me and I asked just to give me the code if they have one. Why is it so difficult to give direct answers to direct questions of customers?

Beware! The Refund Policy Is Not What You Expect

I examined the jetwriters refund policy and discovered a couple of things which stunned me. First, the company allows the possibility that despite its obligation to deliver you a paper, you may not get it on time and that’s ok because the company just returns your money. So, you ask a company to help, rely on its assistance, expect a paper on a certain date and get nothing. Great! That’s exactly what most customers want - not to get a paper on time.

Another thing I want to inform you is to be careful with the Approve button. Do not approve a paper, until you are absolutely satisfied with your order! Do not agree on promises to get corrections later and for free. Once you click the Approve button, there is no way back. You will never get a refund!! That’s how the jetwriters scam money back guarantee works.

A Simple Order Form

Placing an order on this site is very simple. Find an orange button Order Now and click on it. Then, you will see the order form, where you need to specify your paper instructions. It is simple and comprehensive, so you will easily understand how it works.

Do Not Expect High Quality

My assignment as I expected was not of the best possible quality. Despite the promise to assign a writer who is an expert in the subject, I got a person who merely understood what was necessary to do and had very superficial knowledge. I am not also sure that this person had good understanding of academic styles because my MLA format had a lot of mistakes and it was obvious for me that he used APA style when he didn’t know how to format this or that citation.

A Couple of Extra Features

There are a couple of extra services that you can order additionally. That’s a very standard list that you may probably find on every second writing service. The difference is only the price. I leave it here, so you could see whether some of them can be useful for you.

The Final Word

I do not consider jetwriters as the best academic solutions, unless you have not much money and get no other choice. But, the truth be told, even for such a low price, you still can find a service with better quality and guarantees.


  • Jetwriters prices are reasonable


  • A scam refund policy
  • No online reviews
  • Incompetent customer support

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