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The next writing service turn came, and I am happy to conduct a thorough research and write a Graduateway review for you guys. The site navigation is very inconvenient — that’s what jumps out at you right away you visit the homepage of To get to the About page you need to scroll for too long as the site menu is placed in the footer. As the homepage contains too much information, I couldn’t fix my attention on any of the points they tried to share with customers. So, I will analyze each point separately in the following sections of my review.

From a Mortal Writer to a Superhero

The Graduateway company has a standard set of services: writing, rewriting, editing. The types of papers the service offers is also predictable — article, annotated bibliography, admission essay, and so on. I didn’t find any information on whether their writers are English native speakers or not. Maybe that’s because they don’t mention it on the site. Though they say their writers are freelancers, which makes me think not all of them are English native speakers.

The service also has a trendy writers’ rank — standard, premium, and platinum. Like you know, an average mortal writer, a guru of writing, and a writing superhero. I just wonder if it means that a standard writer will make any mistakes in my paper? Or will grammar be okay if a paper is written by a premium writer? And is a platinum writer the one that will finally write me a really good paper I’m actually paying for?

Prices and Discount System

The price per 1 page is approximately $14. It doesn’t depend on the service you choose, deadline, and a paper type. However, if you choose a premium writer, add 10% to the cost, while choosing a platinum writer will add 15% to your paper price. The calculator is placed on the homepage of the site, and it’s probably the only thing convenient for me on this page. I wondered if anyone has ever conducted a Graduateway discount code search, but seems the service doesn’t have any discount system.

Should Reviews Look Like This?

Testimonials… I would love to say those 2 short paragraphs on the site are testimonials, but I’m not sure.

So, I searched for at least some reviews on the Internet. Alas, I found no Graduate Way reviews on any of the trusted websites. I also tried a query ‘Graduateway review Reddit’, but nothing’s there as well. With no Graduateway scam reviews, we can’t be sure it’s not one.

Just a Common Service

I managed to find customer support only on an order page. It’s inconvenient because I wanted to ask a question and to decide if I want to place an order with this service only after I get an answer. Well, I finally asked my question. The agent was rather friendly and really fast. I hope it really was an agent, not a ready-made robotic reply.

We May Do It Bad, but You Pay - We Love Money

100% money back. 100% plagiarism free. Such bold statements should always be checked, and I surely did it. While other reasons for 100% refund are rather clear, the last one is too hazy for me.

First they state that their papers are always 100% plagiarism free. Later in their Terms & Conditions, they say 10% of plagiarism is okay and is not a reason for 100% refund. I can’t get why. If I order a paper, I suppose it to be unique. Moreover, you claim to provide unique papers, so why should I pay money if there is 10% of plagiarism? I also find the statement “Money will be returned if there are funds in the account of the Writer” too strange. Should a writer’s account bother me at all? If the job is done badly, I just want my money back. Is safe? I’m not sure after it.

Oh No, Not Again :(

This service has the type of order form I really don’t like. Yes, it’s comprehensible, but it’s not convenient. You can see the next step only after you complete the previous one. Officially, there are 3 steps, but I’d say there are 4 steps because you also have to provide your email details. Thus, it takes time to complete it.

Sad but True

I ordered a 1-page essay paper on management. The grammar was okay, but vocabulary was rather poor. The paper also contained 6% of plagiarism. I didn’t pick a fight over this issue because everything is said in their Terms & Conditions. I won’t get 100% money back.

Fake Extra Features

The company offers some additional services besides writing, rewriting, and editing. These extra services are a plagiarism checker and free essay samples. I checked with the Graduateway plagiarism checker their own text from the site. Here is the result:

Seems this program’s goal is to make us all order a paper from

Now let me show you literally a half of a one complete free essay from the site:

It doesn’t look like an essay to me, rather a bunch of questions for you to consider for paper requirements when you place an order.

The Final Word

I see so many cons for this service that I'm even afraid it won’t have any serious advantages. Let’s see.


  • Medium price (if it can be an advantage)
  • Fast and friendly support


  • No testimonials
  • Fake services
  • Irritating order form
  • Money back guarantee and information placed on the homepage say different things
  • No discounts

Is Graduateway legit? After everything I've seen, I'm not sure.

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