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Minimal Price

A Company from Nowhere

Hey guys. It’s time to conduct a Gradesfixer review today. My first impression was not as good as I would like it to be. I don’t like the overall image here and don’t think that the colors really match. There is no information about the company location, which I don’t appreciate as well. However, the homepage is rather comprehensible and not overflooded with confusing elements.

No Native-Speaking Writers at All?

The services the company provides are writing, rewriting, and editing. Nothing new here. The standard set of types of papers as well - essay, research paper, argumentative essay, etc. Unfortunately, I found no information on whether their writers are native speakers or not. To me, this means they are not. I am sure that any company that works with native-speaking writers will definitely mention it. Writer quality at Gradesfixer are all, premium, and platinum.

Prices and Discount System

The cheapest price is about $14 per page of an ordinary essay with a two-week deadline. I was searching for a Gradesfixer discount code, but didn’t find anything.

Unknown Service

Wow! Really? Will I finally see customer reviews right on the site?!

Ah, no, again no reviews on the site. Though the imaginary numbers of reviews are very promising I should admit, lol. Okay, I surfed the Internet and also found no Gradesfixer reviews. Let’s see what’s there for the query Gradesfixer Reddit - nothing again, not a single comment. Is Gradesfixer safe to use? Alas, nobody knows.

So Slow

What I like about this service - they have an online chat with customer support right on their homepage. That’s very comfortable, thank you guys. When reached the customer support, the agent was very slow in his answers, ignored my question first, I asked one more time, and he replied without feeling sorry for ignoring me. That’s rude :( I had to wait for about 10 minutes.

Even Little Lies Are Lies

The most interesting part in this service. Is Gradesfixer scam or not? Let’s see.

Hm, I guess it’s too good to be true. Starting with the refund period, it’s getting worse.

So, you have only 3 days to ask for a refund, which is too little for you to get an order, check it, show to your professor, and get back to the site to request a refund. And this actually means you still pay, even before you are sure your paper fully meets your requirements. How are you going prove them it doesn’t after you get a paper? The last word will still be after their QA department.

Ordinary Form

The order form here is exactly the same as at many other writing services of doubtful quality. It takes time to fill it because you need to type in your email address. The service doesn’t have any discounts.


The quality of the paper I got from Gradesfixer was average, but I don’t think it was written by an English native speaker.

Extra Features

Free essay topics is the main extra feature at Gradesfixer. You can find a sample right from a homepage. And they give you an opportunity to cite it.

Some more extra services are on the order form page.


  • Free essays for idea generating
  • Average cost


  • Doubtful writers
  • No reviews
  • Some lies found on the site
  • Only 3 days for refund
  • Unfriendly and slow customer support

You might ask yourself ‘Is Gradesfixer legit?’ I cannot tell for sure, but I don’t like the disadvantages list.


Is gradesfixer legit

No reviews, doubtful writers, lies on the site - Gradesfixer is hardly legit.

Is gradesfixer safe?

With doubtful working on your paper, it can't be safe. In addition, there are no positive reviews.

What is gradesfixer?

Gradesfixer is a writing service which provides academic help for students.

Is gradefsixer scam?

Yes, they write papers of poor quality, and their refund policy is very tricky.

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