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GrabMyEssay states that they hire only ENL writers with a Master's or PhD degree. You can also communicate with a writer directly once he or she starts working on your assignment. The company provides writing service as well as assistance with resumes, CV's, blog posts, reports, and other types of works. It seems like GrabMyEssay wants to provide the full range of writing services, but you should understand that one company cannot specialize in both academic and blog writing. That's the opposite sides of the same coin. Your writers are either great academic writers or great bloggers. You cannot have both rolled into one. Otherwise, the company will provide average essay and blog writing services, while we all as customers are always looking only for the best.

We Need More Discounts

So, how much does this service cost? It depends greatly on a type of work you need. For example, if you need an essay, the minimum price is $15 for one page with a 14-day deadline. For editing, you will pay about $7 for the same type of assignment. The most expensive offer here is a resume writing service which costs $90. A cover letter is cheaper, and you will be charged only 40 bucks.

I was inspecting GrabMyEssay for some coupon code and fortunately found it. Otherwise, the cost of the paper would be too high. Use their discount for the newcomers, and it will reduce the total price by 15%.

GrabMyEssay discount code

GrabMyEssay has prepared life-time discounts for loyal customers. Once you order more than 15 pages, you will get an instant 5% discount. Over 50 pages will give you 10% off, and if you order over 100 pages, you will have a constant 15% discount on all your orders.

GrabMyEssay life-time discounts

Negative Reviews Overwhelm the Web

If you google grabmyessays, you will find a lot of reviews about this company. I didn't check the review sites with doubtful reputation or those which I have never heard about. I decided to find information about this company on some trustworthy platforms. First, I searched for GrabMyEssay on Reddit. Believe me or not, but I found nothing there, not a word. So, I visited SiteJabber and here is what I learned. I am attaching the screen with statistics below.

GrabMyEssay online reviews

As you can see, there are two camps of users. One likes this service, the other hates it. Whom should you trust? Let's take a closer look at some comments.

All negative comments that I read were detailed, and people who left them described everything from the price they paid to the score they gained after they got a paper. Moreover, some negative comments even have a reply of a GrabMyEssay agent, who didn't even deny that a problem exists.

GrabMyEssay online reviews

I have no idea why I (the customer) have to leave feedback on a review platform to get attention to my issue. Why can't the company fix it when I ask them about it? As for me, it is a true sign that the company cares little about its reputation. They do not try to solve the issue with an unsatisfied customer until he or she starts yelling about it on all possible platforms. Not professional, that's what I can say with no doubts.

Customer Support Which Is in No Hurry

Customer support was friendly but not fast. I had to wait for some time before I got a simple answer to a question like “Where is your office located?”. Even if an agent belongs to a different department, he or she can easily provide an answer to such a simple question. If you don't want to search for a coupon code to get a discount on GrabMyEssay, you can address this issue in the live chat. The manager will give you a code, and you will not need to waste your time on senseless search.

They Guarantee to Grab Your Money

Now I want you to pay special attention to the things I will tell you next. The money back guarantee. As always, there are a lot of pitfalls that many users do not notice, so be careful. What should you know?

- If you don't like the quality of a paper because it is hell on earth, do not ask for a revision, request a refund. Otherwise, you will never get more than 70% of your money back.

grabmyessays Guarantee

- If you get a bad grade for a paper you have ordered on GrabMyEssay, you have no right to request a refund. Why? Because the company only provides samples. It means that you CANNOT submit this paper as if written by you. So, once you accept a paper and it seems fine to you, there is no way back.

grabmyessays Guarantee

- However, the biggest danger that you may face on this site is that you will get a poorly written paper, and the company will refuse to compensate it.

grabmyessays Guarantee

So, this is how I see this case, let me be your interpreter. You need urgent assistance. You pay money and the service says “We will or maybe will not write your assignment well. If we fail, we are not guilty. That's your problem. Just take your F-graded essay, give us like two or three hundred bucks and go away.” Is it legal to charge money like GrabMyEssay does and say that they are not responsible for the quality of service the company provides? Absolutely no, in my opinion. But once you accept the terms and conditions, you agree with it, so you cannot demand anything.

How to Place an Order

If you still have a desire to use this service (I can only wonder why after you have read their refund policy), here is how you can do it. During the first step, provide all the required information about the paper. Select the type of the paper, a subject area, a topic, a format, and even currency.

During the second step, you will need to select additional features if you need any and the level of a writer as well as the type of customer service.

During the last step, you will need to provide your personal information and contact details. After that, the order will be completed, and once you pay for it, the writer will start working, but not a minute earlier.

I'd Better Spend My Money Elsewhere

I had a strong intention not to do it, but I had no choice, so I placed an order on GrabMyEssay. The price was high. I paid almost a hundred dollars for a 4-page essay. The deadline was not short, almost 4 days to do everything correctly and on time.

The first problem that I faced was that I couldn't contact the writer. He always answered me like 5 or 6 hours after I asked something. It was impossible to establish a constant communication with him. He was always unavailable, and I received answers late at night when I was already sleeping.

The plagiarism report showed me that the paper contained 8.7% of the unoriginal text. My request to eliminate it was also ignored. The agent told me the paper could contain no more than 10%, and since my essay had only 8.7%, my request was denied.

Lots of Expensive and Hardly Useful Extra features

Let's see what additional features GrabMyEssay can offer you. As always, you can select a writer's level. A premium writer will cost you 25% more money. If you choose a top writer, be ready to pay 40% in addition to the price of your order. Other features are the following:

  • Originality report + $29.99. My opinion is that this feature is a total ripoff. Why do you need a plagiarism report which costs 30 bucks if the company vouches to provide you with an original paper or return your money in case of failure to do so?
  • Proofreading service + $5.99 per page. You pay for writing service, and then you pay again to ensure that the paper will not have any errors. Excellent offer! Great service and quality!
  • 1-page summary + $14.99. At last! I found a useful feature. As you understand, the writer will add a 1-page summary of your paper.
  • Urgent writer selection + $ 15.99. Again. It seems like a scam feature. When you place an order, the company will already charge you more depending on the urgency of the deadline. So, it is paying twice for the same service.
  • A draft: +20%. This feature is useful as it enables you to control the writing process. However, I believe 20% is too much for such a feature.

The company also offers three levels of customer service. The Basic one is free, Advanced costs $9.99, and for Premium you will pay $14.99. Is there any difference between them? I guess, there is, but you will hardly notice it. What you will really notice is the lack of 10 or 15 bucks. So, do not overpay for the service that the company has to provide without saying.

The Final Word

Now drawing the bottom line under this Grab My Essay review, I want to underline what advantages and disadvantages this service has.


  • Lifetime discount and the first order discount
  • Good customer support agent
  • Comprehensive order form


  • High prices
  • Mostly scam additional features
  • Absolutely scam guarantees
  • Doubtful online reputation

If you have an intention to use this service, carefully read their guarantees where the company directly says what quality of papers it provides. For me, it is clear that they can easily GRAB your money and leave you with a poor quality paper. Don't let them trick you and have a good luck with searching for a reliable paper writing company.

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