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Brief Overview

Is Nerdify safe? Is using Nerdify cheating? I set out to answer these and other questions when I stumbled upon the website. With a little over three years on the market, the company seems like a revolutionary solution for students, when it is just a front for another run-of-the-mill writing agency. The only difference is that you have to waddle through dozens of automated messages to get from a sales pitch to placing the order.

Types of Services and Writers

Is Nerdify illegal? Like most writing companies, it is legal to get papers from them. Moreover, the company does not provide writing services outright. Instead, it claims to connect you with independent Nerds (tutors and writers) who, in turn, work on your papers. The company claims to help students, businesses, and universities. The latter can benefit from talent scouting, internship hunting, and study test writing.

Prices and Discounts

How much does Nerdify cost? It’s a trick question. The company obviously wants to stay on Google’s good side and offers no writing services upfront. You can use the platform for free, but once you place an order, they’ll charge 11%. The chatbot informed me Nerdify prices started at $25. I’m not sure how the order total is calculated, but my 3-page essay cost me $75.


Despite their claims of being a popular academic help platform, the Nerdify Reddit search returned zero results. Moreover, the company outright lies on its homepage, claiming a 4.7-star rating across SiteJabber and Facebook. In reality, their score is only 3 stars on Trustpilot and 4 stars on SiteJabber, while their Facebook page doesn’t have a single feedback post. The negative Nerdify reviews are mostly related to poor writing quality, missed deadlines, and high prices. One of Facebook reviewers complained about the company suspending their profile for an hour after the honest review was published.

Customer Support

I’m not sure Facebook chat with Nerdy Bot qualifies as customer support experience, but I’ve got nothing else. The chat was long, and every third message tried to convince me to give the company a try, even after I pointed out negative reviews and overpriced writing. I got some answers, but it wasted too much of my time when it should have saved it.


According to the Refund Policy, you have 30 days to request your money back. The company will either find another “vendor” to fulfill your order or return the sum to your account or turn it into non-refundable store balance. While the policy seems straightforward, I couldn’t find a single review that proved the company had compensated the client.

How to Place an Order

I hate chatbots, so I can’t be objective about their order system that relies on Facebook Messenger or text messages. The so-called AI-powered Nerdy Bot uses automatic answers that are often useless. I took me over five minutes just to squeeze the price for my assignment from the chatbot, and the whole order process was drawn-out, even when I provided a snapshot of the essay prompt.

Paper Quality

I have to agree with most negative reviews claiming Nerds do not have the credentials necessary to complete high-quality work. Even my basic argumentative essay was full of typos and glaring grammar mistakes. Instead of providing logical arguments and supporting them with evidence, the writer copied several definitions from Wikipedia, added their opinionated claims and deemed their work done.

Extra Features

Considering there’s no actual order form, I’m not sure about any additional services the company offers. I didn’t get any, though Nerdy Bot suggested a plagiarism report for $9.99. I wasn’t ready to waste more time on pulling the information on extras from the chatbot.

The website didn’t provide Nerdify coupons, so I paid the full price. However, some reviewers claim the company offers promo codes for messing up the orders instead of refunds.

The Final Word

Is Go Nerdify legit? The company tries hard to prove it is. There’s no mention of writing papers or prices on their website. However, their Facebook Messenger is a rabbit’s hole of wasted time, frustrating non-answers, and unreasonable prices. I tried it once, and I’m happy I will never have to do it again. Here’s a quick recap of my experience, if you’ve skipped the “full-out rant” version of my reviews:


  • The writer and support team are one message away at all times


  • The prices start at $25 per page
  • Paper quality is horrible for the prices they charge
  • You have to talk to a chatbot to order a paper
  • The lack of useful information on their website is suspicious

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