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Is GeeklyLab Scam?

As with any writing company, the first question that came to mind when I came upon this website was “Is GeeklyLab scam?”. The service looked legit at first glance, offering nothing other than academic assistance and no writing services. However, I noticed more inconsistencies the further I dug, and now I’m sharing my experience with you to ensure you don’t repeat my mistakes.

Another Typical Writing Agency?

There is no mention of writing papers or even editing services anywhere on the homepage. The Terms of Service specify that Geeks or Tutors provide educational services, and users can purchase “Lesson services” from them. However, when I typed “essay” into the search bar and logged into my account, I found it was all a front for a typical writing agency. The company website is misleading and does not provide enough information about the services, using ambiguous phrasing to lure new users.

Extremely High Prices

Another thing I found disturbing was the lack of a transparent pricing policy. You won’t find the rates anywhere until you create an account and fill in the order form. There are no academic levels, and the only fields that influence the price are the number of pages and the deadline. The cheapest rate I found was $21.85 per page on a 14-day deadline. My 3-page-long paper cost me $71.85 on a 5-day deadline. There is a box for a Geekly Lab coupon, but I found none and had to pay the full price. However, the company only requires an upfront payment of 30%, the rest you can pay after you receive the order.

Customers Are Not Satisfied With Papers Quality

I started with a GeeklyLab Reddit search and found no threads. Despite multiple positive Geekly Lab reviews on the website, I found some horrible stories on SiteJabber and Trustpilot. Reviewers complain about late deliveries, poor writing, and even plagiarism. While there were stock responses on behalf of the company, I found no reports of unhappy clients getting a refund.

No Live Chat Until You Create an Account

I didn’t find a live chat support window until I created an account and logged in. Apparently, first-time visitors have to resort to emails and phone calls if they want to get in touch. Once I signed in, I contacted the support team to learn about their features and pricing. I found out that editing is half the price of writing if you only require grammar and spell check, though I believe it to be proofreading, not editing. Overall, customer support was quick and on point, but not very friendly.

Refund Policy is Unclear And Ambiguous

According to the Geekly Lab refund policy, you have 60 days to file a money-back request. However, the refund rules are ambiguous and unclear, like everything else on this website. The company will take 5 to 7 business days to analyze your query and reach a decision, but there are no further explanations of what can sway it in the student’s favor. The Honor Code is laughable, as the company and its writers are in violation of many points.

A Very Short Order Form

As I’ve mentioned, there’s no way to scope out the prices until you log in with an email or via Facebook. Once you do, there are only five fields to fill in, including the name of the assignment, its type, word count, deadline, and details. You can also upload the necessary materials for the writer. It seems simple, but the lack of the usual order form fields made me spend twenty extra minutes formulating the task requirements. The only upside I found was the 300-word-long page, as most companies charge per 250 to 275 words.

The Wasted Money

I wish I’d listened to every negative GeeklyLab review before placing the order. The paper was late and obviously written in haste. Despite my detailed instructions, the writer messed up the logical structure and order of the arguments. The writing quality was horrible, hardly appropriate for a college essay. If I had submitted this paper to one of my college professors, I would have never gotten anything above a D, and that would be the best-case scenario.

Two Extra Features For Your Consideration

Considering the excuse of an order form the company uses, I found no additional features on the first step. However, once I clicked “Confirm and pay”, I located a plagiarism report ($9.99) and VIP support ($9.99) options. I doubted the latter would have been any better than my experience with the support team, so I avoided both features.

The Final Word

I found the answer to my question “Is GeeklyLab legit?”. For me, it isn’t. I’d never trust this company with another paper, but you do you. Use these highlights from my review to make the right choice:


  • Every page is 300 words long
  • Upfront payment is only 30% of the price


  • Unclear pricing policy
  • Horrible writing not appropriate for the required academic level
  • Slim chances of getting a refund
  • Ambiguous advertising and policies

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