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Brief Overview

Hi there! Essayvikings review is here today. The company claims to be located on Cyprus. The home page of their website looks like this:

While the navigation seems to be convenient or at least comprehensible, the colors just drive me crazy. I would really appreciate something more pleasant than yellow text on bright blue background. Though design is just a matter of taste.

No English Native Speakers at All?

The company provides a standard set of services writing, rewriting, and editing. Though consider rewriting and editing to be types of writing.

I also don’t understand why there are so many similar services. Just take a look at those 6 I highlighted on a screenshot. Don’t they look the same to you?

The types of paper can surprise you only with a business plan paper. Regarding the rest of the paper types, it’s just usual admission essay, annotated bibliography, application essay, argumentative essay and so on.

The only information about writers I managed to find is the info on the screenshot below. Nothing is said regarding whether writers here are English native-speakers or not, which actually means that at least not all of them are if any. Every writing company knows this point is important, so they would never disguise if the writers were ENLs.

$40 per Page

What I don’t like about home page is that it doesn’t contain an average price for a paper. It’s okay to me because I would order a paper anyway to check quality of their service, but for a student who really looks for help with their assignment it would be much better to see the price policy at once.

Well, I placed an 1-paper order with a deadline of 2 weeks. I chose an essay type on Ethics which is one of the easiest types of papers. And here we are 2 of their writers got interested and offered their own price.

Are they even serious? $23 is way too expensive for such a paper. I think there's no need to explain that $40 is simply robbery. Throughout her career, Prof. Fiona has completed only 4 ethics papers out of 425 essays, and she believes she can ask for $40 per page now. No, sorry Professor, but it’s robbery.

Just a Few Reviews

On their site, you won’t find any Essayvikings reviews, but you can see reviews for every separate writer in their profile.

As there are no customer names, to be sure the testimonials are real, I also tried to find any reviews on the Internet. I found different Essay Viking reviews, though there were only 12 of them. Here you can see both a good and a bad review. Is reliable? Seems it differs from customer to customer.

Slow and Rude

If you have any concerns, there is a live chat with customer support and an email. I asked a support agent if their writers are ENLs. The answer I got was “all our writers are qualified”, which is not a proper answer as for me. I find Essay Vikings customer support a bit rude and slow. Our chat was not long so it’s hard for me to decide whether the agent provided human answers or it was a bot.

So Unfair

If you want your money back, you’d better be aware of the fact that the fail of your paper to bring you good score is not a reason for refunds. At all. I really consider it to be very unfair. This way, a writer can provide me with total trash and I won’t have a single chance to get back at least some money I have paid. Is Essayvikings legit enough? Obviously, I have doubts now.

Stop Doing This Please

Is good enough to place an order there? After everything I’ve seen on this site, seems an order form bothers me the least. However, I understand I need to continue my research to show you everything I can. The order form requires email - and that’s what I truly don’t like. It complicates the process.

So What?

The quality of the paper I’ve ordered (as it was mentioned above - 1-page Ethics essay with the deadline of 2 weeks) was not so bad, but it should be much better. I’ve found some punctuation mistakes and should admit the structure was rather complicated. This paper could get a C, but who cares? They don’t provide refunds for such issues.

Free Feature

The only extra feature the company offers is essay samples, which they call Blog. The samples are really free here and you don’t have to pay to read a full version.

The Final Word

Is Essayvikings scam? Obviously, not. But are they fair and legit enough? Obviously, not. Just think, you pay $40 per page, get a paper that doesn’t meet your expectations, and you can’t request refund.


  • Free essay samples
  • Writers reviews


  • Very expensive
  • No refunds for bad marks
  • Probably no native English speaking writers
  • No discounts
  • Few company reviews
  • Unfriendly support

Sorry to say, but I can’t recommend this service.

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