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Minimal Price

The Site Looks Cheap, but What About the Service?

The first thing this website promises is cheap custom essay writing service, and it does look cheap. With stock photos, basic fonts, and poor formatting, the whole site looks like it has been cobbled together by an elementary school student. I couldn’t find out how long this company has been in operation, but some negative review date back to 2010. It feels like the website hasn’t seen any change in almost a decade. But is EssayEmpire safe despite the unfavorable first impression? Read on to find out!

And… What About Writers?

EssayEmpire offers help with essays and dissertations, as well as admission paperwork, and other homework assignments, including multiple-choice questions and problems. However, some types of papers gave me pause, such as “Critical thinking” or “Question & Answer.” The company relies on four academic levels to differentiate the writing difficulty: high school, college, university, and Ph.D. After thorough search, I did not find any information about their writers.

Well, Not That Cheap

Despite their offer of cheap writing services, EssayEmpire prices are far from the lowest. Single-page essay on a 14-day deadline would cost $12 for a high-schooler and $24 for a postgrad. With five days to spare the company charged me $66 for a 3-page-long college essay. However, I found a discount code for EssayEmpire (cd1a428655) that sliced 10% off my first order.

Reputation. Is There Any at All?

Can you guess how many results my EssayEmpire Reddit search returned? About as many as Trustpilot and SiteJabber. There are zero feedback posts on either of the platforms. As a result, I can’t even tell you EssayEmpire rating based on reliable reviews. The only ones I found on the website looked like they were written by the company employees, not real customers.

My ID needed? What the…?!

After reading the Authorization page, I had to ask myself, “Is EssayEmpire scam?” No other online store or service has ever asked me to provide a photo of my ID. I contacted customer support to learn more. Ashley was quick to respond and suggested I send them a transaction screenshot. After some pestering, I found out the company can manually authorize payments, but it takes longer. I got the answer to my question, but the whole issue still left me unsure of their trustworthiness.

Forget About Refund

I read their Terms of Use, guarantees, and policies, but I still couldn’t make sense of the chances of getting a refund. I guess they aren’t high, considering the company suggests the ways you can avoid Quality Evaluation necessary to get your money back. So is EssayEmpire reliable? Their Quality Evaluation Policy and Money-Back Guarantee suggest otherwise.


The order form was concise, and it only required minimal information. I filled in the topic and details, chose the deadline, and specified the academic level. I was pleased to find a switch between words and pages, thinking I could order 750 words instead of 825 and pay less. However, this toggle did nothing but change the order of numbers in the drop-down menu.

My Paper Was a Disaster!

I cannot believe I haven’t found a single recent negative EssayEmpire review! My paper was a disaster. The writer went off-topic and listed three random links at the bottom without adding a single in-text citation. The writing itself might have been passable for middle school, but never for college or university level. Instead of a revision, the piece needed a full rewrite, but as I wouldn’t be submitting it, I didn’t bother.

Guess How Much

The second page of the order form offers a few additional services, but their prices aren’t listed anywhere, so I had to get out my calculator to figure out the numbers. For example, EssayEmpire plagiarism report is $9.99, while the abstract page is $14.99. But I can’t say for sure how much Advanced or TOP 10 writer options add to the order total. I’m guessing it is a percentage of the paper price. I would prefer to see the numbers listed instead of guessing.

The Final Word

Is EssayEmpire legit? It was not for me, and I doubt it can produce quality writing for anyone. If you’ve skipped my ramblings and went straight for the punchline, here it is


  • Brief and simple order form


  • Unacceptable writing quality for college-level and above
  • Weird payment authorization procedure
  • Hidden prices for extra features
  • No reliable EssayEmpire reviews online

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