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A Well-looking Website, But What Does it Hide?

This is one of a few websites that I saw and which made me say - Wow, it looks amazing! No jokes, Essaydragon is a perfect example of an excellent site. It has a pleasant design, good colors, readable fonts, and some bouncing elements which make it looks vivid. At last, somebody has paid enough attention and created a well-looking site. But what about the service itself? Attractive image is not why I am here. So, I started searching the About Us page and didn’t manage to find it. I visited the FAQ page, sometimes, there is a question about the company, but found nothing there either.

On the home page, you can find a lot of information about the company, what it offers and why it is the best, but not a word about its history, year of creation, mission, and so on. Every reputable company has to tell at least a couple of words about itself. Is essay dragon legit? Maybe, there is something they want to hide from us? Well, time to dig deeper and find the truth about this writing service. Continue reading this essay dragon review and you will now what this dragon guards.

Only UK and US Writers

EssayDragon states that they have a team of more than 200 US and UK writers. So, it seems your assignment will be in good hands, it should be.

The range of services is not limited only by essays, and the company says that they can cope with any type of academic papers. I hope that’s true. I would not like to be in a student’s shoes who requires a lab report on Chemistry and find out that the almighty EssayDragon doesn’t have a writer who can deal with it.

Prices are Above Average

How much does essaydragon cost? Below, I will attach the screen of their prices. So, the minimum cost of a high-school essay is $12.

In general, the prices are a bit higher than on average, though still reasonable. What I didn’t like is the EssayDragon’s attempt to persuade its clients that they offer lower prices than most of other companies.

Hold on! Wait a minute, that’s not true! I know a lot of companies which charge less and they are good. For example, SpeedyPaper prices start from $9, PaperHelp charges $9 as well, EssayAssist takes $9 again, and WritePaperforMe will cost you even less - $7. I can continue this list and name at least a dozen more services which charge no more than 10 dollars per page. And that’s the average price on the market. The cost of a paper from 12 to 16 is considered above the average.

So, don’t let Essaydragon fool yourself. The service has affordable prices, but they are the average.

You can find essay dragon discount code on the home page when you visit the site for the first time. However, if you just close this window, it will not appear again, even if you refresh the page. So, if you need this essay dragon promo code, click it when you see it because I didn’t manage to find any mentions of discounts elsewhere on the site.

Only One Feedback Online

Only 4 testimonials from customers on the site and they are all, of course, positive. But it doesn’t matter. Is there anybody who believes reviews about the service on the site which belongs to this service? Do you really think they will let to leave negative feedback about them?

That’s why I searched online and visited Site Jabber, Trustpilot, and didn’t forget about essay dragon reddit reviews. However, there was only one comment about this service, one sentence which claimed that it was a good writing service. Not much, indeed.

4 Ways to Contact

You can contact the service’s representative by one of four methods - fill in a from on the site, use the live chat, call them via phone, or send an email.

Refund Policy Has a Lot of Pitfalls

Is essay dragon scam or not? The answer can always be found in money back guarantee. In essay dragon refund policy, I learnt that you have a right for a full refund, but only in a case if your writer didn’t follow the initial instructions. However, you need to prove that first with strong pieces of evidence and wait for an answer up to 48 hours. Only after that the refund process will be started.

You can request partial refund for the unoriginal paper, but only if the plagiarism level is over 10%. However, you need to prove it with the official plagiarism report. Which exactly? It is not mentioned.

Well, the refund policy contains explanation of what refundable cases are, but they are not clearly explained and can be manipulated by their QA department in a way it is beneficial for the company.

The Most Inconvenient Order Form Ever

Order form is very messy. I want to take my words back about the excellent design and good fonts. It seems like they used all possible styles and fonts to create the most inconvenient order form ever. It doesn’t contain some extra unnecessary fields, but since it is designed so poorly, you spend more time that it is really needed to place an order on Essaydragon.

The Quality of Paper You Don’t Deserve

Essaydragon states that their prices are below average, that is not true. However, the quality of their paper is below average, indeed and that’s true. I am not sure that a UK or US writer was working on my assignment. There were too many mistakes. Well, maybe this writer was from the United States, but in this case, he didn’t have an academic degree, that’s for sure. All in all, the quality of paper should be better.

Only Two Extra Features

There are two extra features that you can get on Essaydragon. A premium writer means that one of ten best writers will be assigned to your paper. How to check it? Have, no idea, just trust them (sarcasm). This option increases the final cost of your paper by 30%. So, if you assignment costs $100, with this feature you will pay $130. Quite expensive.

And the second feature is a plagiarism report for 25 bucks. This time the price is fixed, but it is still too high. Usually, such reports are provided for 11-17 dollars.

The Final Word

Do I recommend EssayDragon? It is a very mediocre writing service with no online reviews, above average prices, and inconvenient order form. They try to look better than they really are and that’s why I hate the most about the companies. How can I trust them if they lie me about their affordable prices which are not the average on the market?


  • Nice design
  • Live chat
  • A 12% discount


  • No essay dragon reviews
  • Prices are average
  • Writers are not from the US and the UK

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