Visa, MC
Minimal Price

Fake Features?

From the very beginning, Essayclick review is a surprise for me. Yes, they have beautiful and reserved design, but just take a look at their home page:

Features that they offer for free include a title page, plagiarism scan, delivery, and formatting... Come on guys! These services aren't free, they are just normal parts of a good paper. With this list, they say it could occur these features cost money. And if they cost money, would you pay for them after you have already paid for a normal essay? The point that surprised me most is UNLIMITED REVISIONS. It's too good to be true, but I'm ready to give this service a chance. What I like about this home page is a calculator. The most convenient place to calculate your paper is a home page.

Some Useful Innovations

The company offers writing, editing, and slides. The last one is rather valuable since not all writing companies will do you a presentation. Essayclick also offers some not common paper types, such as lab report, statistics report, and capstone project. I'm very grateful I didn't have to search all over the site to find at least something about who actually writes papers here. This is what I've found pretty soon:

This is rather promising, and I hope it's true.

100 Pages Within 10 Days

As usual, I aimed to order a single-page paper with a deadline of two weeks. However, the longest deadline you can choose with Essayclick is 10 days. As for me, it's inconvenient. I want to be sure I will get a proper paper, and I don't get why I am cut of right to give a writer more time. I decided to have an experiment and ordered 100 pages of a dissertation, the limit of days in deadline remained 10. I am more than sure that it's too challenging for 1 person to write 100 proper pages within 10 days. Though I also have some good news for you. If you have an Essayclick discount code, you can use when placing an order, and the site has a nice feature that allows you to preview your order.

I Want More

You know guys, this site does have reviews, and it's truly pleasant. However, just 3 Essayclick reviews for such a big company?

Is safe? I just needed to figure it out, so I searched for at least some mentions of Essayclick Reddit query. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything. Other trustworthy resources gave the same result. As we can see, all we have are those 3 testimonials placed on the site.

Thank You, Fred

I am really grateful for a live chat available 24/7 that placed on their home page. This is logical and really helpful. A customer support agent was very friendly and provided human answers as far as I could understand. Short replies were provided faster, while long ones took some time. I just asked if they had any loyalty discounts and he sent me a discount code.

Scam Tricks?

Now let's get back to unlimited revisions and money back guarantee. It will help us to know the answer to the most important question of my review “Is Essayclick legit?”

Well, if the paper you get is of poor quality, you certainly may request a refund, but there is no guarantee you will get it.

Okay, again Quality Assurance decides everything, and still the company admits the possibility of providing a client with a low quality paper. It tells me the company isn't good enough. If you have a department that is ready to check the paper to make sure it's worth of the money I pay, please be so kind to check it before I get it. A refund request is under consideration for 2 days! What if I don't have that much time? And I need my money back now to finally order a paper from a service that will do it better. Is it all Essayclick scam tricks? It's hard to say. But I definitely don't like their approach.

Simplicity Is Better

The Essayclick order form is rather comprehensible and easy to fulfil though it's rather long. And even if you're a signed up member you will still have to log in to complete placing an order. I don't say this order form is bad. I have seen much worse than this. However, I would be really grateful if writing services will long to simplify their order forms.

I'd Like to Save My Money

To figure out the quality of the services the company provides, I ordered a single-page APA paper of college level. I chose ethics as a subject. The deadline was 10 days surely because Essayclick doesn't let to set longer deadlines for some unknown reason. The price for such paper is $14, which is not cheap though not too expensive as well. The paper I got was far from perfection. It wasn't too bad but still wasn't worth of money. It had 10% of plagiarism, and you know what, I couldn't argue on this issue because 10% is okay according to Terms and Conditions of

Inconvenient Additional Feature

The only extra feature the company offers is Free Samples. Yes, they are really free, but you cannot preview them. So, be ready that before finding a sample you need, you will have to download dozens of them.

The Final Word

Well, hard for me to decide if this service is a scam or not. The only thing I know for sure, I cannot recommend it after I got the paper done by Essayclick.


  • Medium price
  • Easy navigation
  • Friendly support
  • A comprehensible order form


  • 10% plagiarism is okay for the company
  • just 3 reviews
  • takes time to place an order
  • inconvenient extra feature
  • no plagiarism checker
  • short deadlines

I will definitely search for something better and will share the results with you guys.

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