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Brief Overview

There's no denying Edugeeks website looks cute. It made me want to believe the company that designed a fun mascot and used unique icons instead of stock images. The fact that the company opened its doors in 1997 was also an advantage. That's all well and good, but is Edugeeks fraud or not? Finish this review to find out!

Types of Services and Writers

It seems that dissertations are the primary service by Edugeeks, though it may be just be the first paper type alphabetically. The company offers to take over all homework assignments, from essays to research papers and case studies. They can also proofread, edit, or paraphrase your pieces. Overall, Edugeeks offer a standard fare you can find on any writing website.

Prices and Discounts

Edugeeks prices are midrange, neither too low nor too high to be suspicious. The cheapest rate is $19.99, and that's for undergraduate-level writing on a 2-months deadline. This must be the longest available deadline I've ever seen for academic writing companies. Ph.D. prices are the highest, starting a $26.99 and going all the way up to $46.99 on a 48-hour deadline. My college essay cost just under $70 with three pages and a 5-day deadline. However, I used a first-time customer Edugeeks promo code (geeks15) to slice 15% off my order total.


When I researched Edugeeks, Reddit was useless. I didn't find any mentions of the company. Edugeeks rating on SiteJabber and Trustpilot is non-existent because there are no reviews, positive or negative. While the company posts customer testimonials on their website, I wouldn't believe those claims. Most Edugeeks reviews are too complimentary to be true.

Customer Support

In my experience, Edugeeks “reliable” customer support was a joke. Instead of answering my questions, the live chat window first directed me towards standard responses that had nothing to do with my query. When I finally got in touch with Mary, I had to repeat my question about seeing some samples. According to Mary, the company was in the process of updating the essay examples, so I could not see them. She tried to convince me Edugeeks would provide me with a high-quality and 100% plagiarism-free paper, but her responses felt a little robotic. It also seemed like Mary was not a native English speaker. 


I asked myself, “Is Edugeeks scam?” and went to find answers in their Terms and Conditions. According to the Edugeeks refund policy, you can request a partial or a full refund if the paper quality does not meet your requirements. Whether the company will actually return your money is uncertain. I want to urge you not to accept refunds in the form of store credit. It is non-refundable and becomes unusable within 365 days.

How to Place an Order

There were three major sections in the order form. The first one required my contact info to set up an account. The second section dealt with my order details, including the deadline, the number of pages, academic level, topic, subject, and more. There was also a choice between American and British writers. The final block of the order form included extra features I could add to my order. Overall, the process was straightforward and took no longer than five minutes.

Paper Quality

Despite my high hopes for Edugeeks, legit writing I did not get. It was obvious the writer was not a native English speaker. Their word choice and some phrases made little sense. I could have corrected small errors, but the content of the paper was a hopeless mess with missing citations, no transitions between claims, and off-topic passages. The writer did not spend enough time on research and achieved the word count by using filler words and sentences.

Extra Features

Terms and Conditions promise Edugeeks plagiarism report to be among the additional services, but I didn't find it in the order form. However, I could have gotten an editor to proofread my paper ($5) or one of the top 10 writers to complete it ($5.99). I was a little confused by the difference between VIP support ($9.99) and VIP Service Package ($12.99). As I was a first-time client, I couldn't use the Preferred Writer option.

The Final Word

After all of this, do I believe Edugeeks safe? My experience with this company was miserable, every step of the way, and I wouldn't wish their services on my worst enemy. If you've skipped my Edugeeks review and went straight for the verdict, here it is:


  • Edugeeks discount code for 15% off is available for first-time customers


  • Incomprehensible writing not suitable for college submission
  • Mediocre customer support team with uninformative robotic answers
  • Edugeeks fake reviews posted on the website

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