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The company I want to talk about today is EduBirdie. If you are at least a bit familiar with essay writing industry, you have probably heard this name before. Unlike many other writing services, Edubirdie claims that on its site, customers can choose a writer themselves. They say that you can examine a writer's profile, see the subjects he or she is proficient in, and the rate the previous customers set for this professional. Sounds like the right place for those who hate writing services which assign a random expert to do their assignment. Unfortunately, it is not true, and in this edubirdie review, I will show you why the bidding system is just a mask, and your choice of a writer effects nothing.

Fake Writers with Fake Photos, but Who Cares?

On Edubirdie, you can get three types of services - writing, editing, and rewriting. Each has a specific price, and the cost differs depending on a deadline and a writer you choose. On the main page, you can find a list of writers working in this company. However, if you google their photos, you will find out that most of them are taken from photo stocks. If you ask why writers have fake photos, the company will answer it is because they want to keep their personality in secret. Then what was the purpose of creating a profile for a writer and post a fake photo? Sounds like a typical scam strategy to attract naive customers with the help of "real" experts photos.

Edu Birdie Writers

A Discount System That You Will Never Get on EduBirdie

The prices on EduBirdie are not the lowest, probably one of the highest that you can find on the Internet after UKEssays. It is difficult to say the exact cost of one page since you need to negotiate every price order with a writer. However, the approximate minimum cost of a 1-page essay is about 23-25 dollars and higher. You can also find offers above 30 bucks and sometimes even more than 40 dollars per page. Take into account, that these prices are offered by standard writers, not by the PRO or TOP ones.

If you expect to find any bonus or an edubirdie discount code, forget about it. The company doesn't offer any price reduction neither for new customers nor the loyal ones. There is not a chance to pay less.

A Dirty Marketing Campaign

Talking about the online reputation of EduBirdie, there is a lot that one can say. Not so long ago, there was a big excitement for EduBirdie marketing campaign. The company paid to many famous youtube bloggers who had to advertise Edubirdie service to their audiences. Some of the writing companies use YouTube to promote their service, but none of them did it so rough and dirty. The bloggers did not just tell about the essay writing services, they openly promoted that Edubirdie assisted students with cheating. This advertising campaign made a real firestorm, and even BBC wrote about this case stating that YouTube stars were paid to sell cheating.

Edubirdie on YouTube bloggers channels

This news reached all social networks, and even if you google edubirdie reddit, you will find plenty of discussions on this topic there, though Reddit often cares little about writing services issues.

Edubirdie Reddit

I visited SiteJabber to find some edubirdie reviews from customers. Most of them were positive, but can you trust them? If Edubirdie can pay huge sums of money to world-famous bloggers, why cannot it pay a little for fake reviews?

Edubirdie SiteJabber reviews

Customer Support That Will Leave You Alone in a Time of Need

Customer support was fast and friendly, but only in the beginning. When I started digging deeper and asking awkward questions about their service, guarantees, and policies, the agent just left the chat. I revisited the site a couple of times to start a chat again, but whenever I addressed a question the company would not like to answer, I was kicked out of the chat. Is Edubirdie a reliable service if its support agents can leave a customer alone with all his questions with no reasonable explanations? Make conclusions yourself.

Hidden but Well-Written Guarantees

To find out whether edubirdie is a scam company or not, I decided to take a closer look at their guarantees. Well, it was not easy to find a page where a customer can learn what exactly this company promises to a client in details. First, I believed that it was made because edu birdie has very tricky policies. Nevertheless, when I read it carefully, I found nothing suspicious. Even the edu birdie refund policy was clear. For instance, the company guarantees a 100% refund if the writer fails to follow your instructions or the level of plagiarism exceeds 10%.

It is also indicated there in what cases refund is not possible. So, I cannot say anything bad about the way EduBirdie presents its guarantees to customers.

A Simple Order Form with an Illusion of a Bidding System

The ordering process on EduBirdie is simple. That is probably one of a few things that I like on this site. However, once you provide all the required information about your assignment, you cannot kick back and relax. You will be redirected to a page with bids, where you need to choose a writer who will work on your paper.

ordering process on edubirdie

To be honest, the entire system of "choosing the most qualified writer for your paper" is ridiculous. You will get like a dozen or more offers, but they all will look the same. You cannot even negotiate the price with a writer. The one he sets is usually the lowest he offers.

chat width writers

Another thing which I hate about this fake bidding system is chatting with a writer. Almost immediately you will receive messages from a couple of performers. So, you may think that this expert is online now and you can negotiate the details of your order. Wrong! Even if you reply to the new message once you see it, you will not get an instant response. You will wait for like 5-10 minutes till the writer will start chatting with you. Sometimes, they do not answer at all, even though they were the initiators of the dialogue.

The communication with a writer looks like this. You send a message, then wait for 5 minutes, the writer replies. Then you send a message again and wait for 5 more minutes until you get the writer's answer. So, if you need to clarify about 5 issues, it will take about half an hour. Long story short, it is not what a customer expects. Too much time is wasted in vain since your paper will be done by some random writer anyways.

The Quality of Papers a Customer Does Not Deserve

I placed an order on EduBirdie to find out what quality of paper you can receive on this site. My 4-page essay with a 5-day deadline cost me 92 dollars. So, that's 23 bucks for one page. It is definitely not the lowest and not even an average price that you can find for writing service. What did I get in return for the money I paid? I got my assignment on time, and the level of uniqueness was 95.6%. I read the assignment very carefully, three times. The quality was good, but it was not what I expected for 23 dollars per page. In general, I found 11 mistakes. You may say it is not that many, but when you pay such money, I personally expect to get a perfect paper. So, the quality of service is good but has to be better for the money the company charges.

Fake Tools Which Deceive Customers Trust

On the Edubirdie website, you can find a plagiarism checker. This tool as you can understand from its name checks your paper for plagiarism. However, it has nothing in common with real plagiarism detection programs. It is just a big FAKE! Why? Let's see. Every time I copied and pasted text in a folder the checker showed that it was unoriginal. I even attached my paper written by EduBirdie writer, and it was marked unoriginal too, though I know for sure that is was unique. On the right from the plagiarism result showed by this program there is a huge button "I need a plagiarism-free paper."

plagiarism checker on edubirdie

Have you already guessed what happens if you click on it? Exactly! You will be redirected to an order form. In other words, EduBirdie always shows a high percentage of plagiarism in any paper you attach to this checker because its only goal is to make you place a new order. Is edubirdie legal if it lies its customers about plagiarism in their papers? I believe it is not.

The Final Word

So, what is edubirdie? It is a writing company with a fake bidding system which offers a standard writing service for a high price. There are some things which I like about this company, but unfortunately, there are more things which I don't.


  • Clear money back guarantee
  • Simple order form


  • Fake bidding system
  • Bad customer support
  • High prices
  • Plagiarism checker always shows a high level of plagiarism
  • Dirty advertising campaign

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