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Impressive Track Record

For over ten years, has been helping college students get over academic hurdles. According to the website, they employ over 450 experienced writers who complete 120+ orders every day. The company helped 115,000 students from 38 countries, and considering the quality of their services, I can believe these numbers.

All-inclusive Academic Writing Help specializes in academic writing, and the number of subjects available is impressive. You can get a paper on anything from Art and History to Statistics and Technology. Their writers craft admission and scholarship essays, research papers, case studies, and dissertations. However, you could also order a PowerPoint presentation, SWOT or business analysis. Editing and proofreading services are available at lower rates compared to writing from scratch.

Prices Are Higher Than Average But Discounts Are Available

The prices on this website were a little tricky to figure out, as there are no academic levels in the traditional sense. Instead, the company offers Standard, Premium, and Platinum quality. The rates start at $20.99 per page with a 10-day deadline and go up to $26.99. The essay I ordered cost $68.97 (3 pages, 5 days) only because I chose the basic quality option. However, I made use of a discount code for 15% off for first-time clients that lowered the price to a manageable level of under $60.

Unblemished Record

I can’t say anything bad about this company’s online reputation, because there is nothing to go on. I couldn’t find a single Reddit review, and there was no feedback on SiteJabber. Trustpilot holds one 4-star review. Otherwise, I had to rely on testimonials posted on the website, and they were all positive.

Chatbot At Your Service

I didn’t find the PayPal logo at the bottom of the homepage and wanted to make sure the company accepts payments through the system. I used the live chat window and was pleasantly surprised by the chatbot. It was the first time that I got the answer without jumping through the hoops. It literally took me 30 seconds. Though I didn’t talk to a human support agent, I say customer support is excellent.

If You Don’t Like the Paper, Dash to File a Refund Request refund policy is short and to the point. You only have 72 hours to request your money back; otherwise, the company assumes you are satisfied with the paper. Within this time, you must provide a thorough explanation of your claims and provide proof. Quality assurance department will take over your case and determine how much money the company will return.

Short and Sweet Order Process

The order form was short and sweet, the way I like them. There were standard fields for the subject, paper type, and deadline. Writing quality replaced academic level, and the longest deadline was 10 days. However, I noticed a couple of neat features, such as a checkbox for PowerPoint presentation ($15.00) and a field for preferred writer ID (+20%). According to the tooltip, the extra money goes directly to the writer, so they are motivated to do an even better job on your paper. If the writer can’t complete the order, the money will turn into store credit for your future orders.

No Complaints About Quality

Despite the Standard quality option I chose, the essay I got was solid. I couldn’t find fault with the thesis statement or structure, and all the central claims were supported with ironclad evidence. If I had wanted to submit it, I’d have replaced some phrases to match my usual writing style and throw the professor off the scent. I also caught a couple of small spelling errors, but I quickly took care of them.

Standard Extra Features

There are options to get your paper written by one of the top 10 writers, enjoy VIP support, and get an editor go through the piece. However, you can also opt for a VIP service package that includes all three of these extras at 40% off. The final checkbox allows you a choice between an American writer (default option) and a UK writer.

The Final Word

Is legit? My experience was positive, despite my initial misgivings about the company. Discounts took care of high prices, and the paper was excellent, worthy of an A. Overall, my key takeaways about this website are:


  • The writing is well-rounded even at Standard quality level
  • There are discount codes available
  • Customer support chatbot is helpful 


  • There are few reviews online
  • The prices are higher than average

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