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Minimal Price

Don’t You Want Me to Search Your Site?

Hi there! Today you are reading a review. As soon as I entered their site, a banner asking if I can’t find what I need jumped into my face. I really don’t get why. Everytime this thing happens I truly can’t understand where the logic is. I had no time to even scroll a home page and they are asking if I can’t find what I’m looking for…

The site’s home page looks like this, and I should admit a search bar is a convenient option for those who are here for samples.

“We Don't Care”

Writing, editing, rewriting - that’s what Blablawriting offers you. Surprisingly, I didn’t find where I could mention or choose a type of paper, i.e. essay/research paper/etc. Seems it doesn’t matter for what a customer needs.

I also searched for any information about writers on the site and found nothing. My experience tells me this means only that their writers are not native English speakers. And… are you kidding me? How am I supposed to read?

Pay for Samples

Well, no Blabla Writing reviews should go without mentioning prices. Let’s start with samples. Yes, you have to pay for them. That’s really far from logic because you can get samples from many other sites for free. So, why would you pay for them?

Regarding the price for an essay, I can state it is average. Here is the order I placed:

I tried to find a Bla Bla Writing discount code for you but it turned out they don’t offer any discounts.

Not a Single One?

My search for Bla Bla Writing reviews was in vain. As usual, I searched 3 highly respective websites - Sitejabber, Trustpilot, abd Reddit - and I found nothing alas. Is Bla Bla Writing scam? I can’t tell for sure. But I know perfectly well if there were any good reviews the company would place them on their site. However, their entire website doesn’t contain testimonials.

Robots vs. Humans

To contact site administration, you can either send an email or fill in the contact form, which is all in all the same. If you want to reach customer support, you will have to look for the chat. But I will reveal their secret to you - you can find a chat with customer support only on an Order Placement page.

The support agent I reached out to behaved as an average support specialist - neither friendly nor rude. It’s surely fine and can be considered as a professional behavior, but such strict replies make me think I was talking to a robot.

Why Lie?

When you are placing an order, you can see the phrase ‘We will refund you the whole amount if you are not happy’ (I marked it on the screenshot below). Okay, sounds like it’s too good to be true. I am pretty sure there are numerous details about it and circumstances under which you won’t get what you are promised. So, I went to Terms & Conditions to find out something about money back guarantee. And you know what? That’s not true. The circumstances under which you can get you entire payment back are the same as in most writing companies. Low mark or your unhappiness about the paper is not a reason to give you ANY money back. Think about it. I’ve thought, and I can’t understand why lie when they just could tell the truth? Is Bla Bla Writing legit after all? As for me, lies have never been legit.

Show Me Others

The order form at Blablawriting is comprehensible, but fairly not the one I like. It requires your email address, and I find it time-consuming.

It Was Too Easy

I have shown you the screenshot with my order placement earlier. It was a healthcare essay on obesity where I asked to describe the illness and methods of its treatment. You know, it’s not philosophy, maths or any difficult subject. It’s just description. I was sure it should be written perfectly, but it wasn’t. Grammar and punctuation mistakes, ways of preventing obesity instead of treatment - that’s what I got.


Fake features… One of my favorite parts. The company offers a plagiarism checker that checks incorrectly and free essay samples that are not free. To read a full essay sample, you have to buy membership. What’s the sense of such free additional services then???

The Final Word

Well, I am ready to sum up though I think everything is clear here.

Sorry to say, but I won’t recommend you getting a Bla Bla writing essay.


  • Average price


  • You can’t choose essay type
  • Nothing is said about writers
  • No testimonials
  • Fake features
  • Samples cost money
  • Poor quality

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