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Brief Overview

Antiessays does not write custom papers, edit or proofread them. Instead, the company has accumulated an extensive database of academic papers and lets students take a peek at the samples for a fee. It looks like a legitimate business with a modern website and an office in Hollywood. But is Antiessays reliable or is it all a front? Read on to learn the answer.

Types of Services and Writers

Antiessays offers a massive database of essays and other academic papers. According to the website, you can search through 500,000+ entries. You can also use quick access categories to find pieces by topic, type, or subject. For instance, there are categories for gay marriage and global warming, History and Psychology, narrative and persuasive essays. I had mixed success with a database search. Some results were spot on, while others were not relevant.

Prices and Discounts

Antiessays membership is not cheap by any stretch of the imagination. The company lures unsuspecting students with a promise of premium access for only $2 for two days. However, if you do not cancel in time, they will charge $29.95 for a full month. You can also opt for a 3-month ($59.85) or a 12-month ($119.40) subscription. If you want to use Antiessays free of charge, you will get access to all essays, but won’t be able to see the full-length versions.


Considering the nature of their services, I expected to find nothing but glowing Antiessays reviews. While SiteJabber had none, Trustpilot was an eye-opener. Only two out of 29 reviews were 2-star posts; others were all bad with single-star feedback. All reviewers had Anti Essays cancel account troubles. They were charged a monthly membership fee after canceling their trials. Some were lucky to receive refunds; others could not get in touch with the company. This single-minded dismay stopped me from providing my billing information to Antiessays.

Customer Support

There is no live chat option on the website, and I couldn’t find Anti Essays contact number. Terms of Service provide two ways of reaching the company by mail or email ([email protected]). You can also use Antiessays contact form. Provide your name, subject, and message and wait for a response. I never got a reply, so I wouldn’t put much faith in the company’s customer support.


Is Antiessays scam? If you consider their Terms of Service, it is easy to believe they want to hustle you into giving them more money than their services are worth. The Anti Essays trial period is TWO days, and they promise you will be able to cancel anytime. The Anti Essays hack lies in the cancellation conditions. You have to inform the company of your wish to cancel membership SEVEN days before the next payment is due. Is it an oversight or a clever way to steal your money? You decide. By the way, the membership fees are non-refundable!

How to Place an Order

First, you need to sign up for an account using email, Google, or Facebook. It’s free. After that, you will have a choice of a 2-day trial or a full-moth membership. Provide your billing information for your credit card or Paypal account and complete the payment. It takes no time. The more pressing question of how to delete Anti Essays account remains unanswered. The best you can do is send them a cancellation notice and ask your bank to block any transactions to the company.

Paper Quality

What any Antiessays review I found lacked was the poor quality of the papers in their database. While I could only see the first few paragraphs of every essay, most were horrible. Some were copied from Wikipedia; others were obviously instruction manuals rather than academic papers. I did not find a single sample that had proper formatting, structure, and argumentation. You would have better luck using Google than Antiessays database.

Extra Features

Antiessays offers free Grammar Checker to correct your mistakes. I gave it a try and had mixed feelings about the app. On the one hand, it found a couple of small errors in a blog article I copied from another website. On the other hand, some suggestions were ridiculous. For instance, Grammar Checker advised me to replace the word “degree” (as in college degree) with “much” or “somewhat.” I also suspect the company keeps copies of the texts users submit, so I would recommend you rely on Grammarly instead.

The Final Word

Is Antiessays scam? It certainly seems so when you consider the pros and cons:


  • Massive essay database with over 500,000 entries


  • No way to get out of a monthly membership fee after a trial period
  • No quality check for essay submissions resulting in gibberish entries
  • Ridiculous suggestions by the free Grammar Checker
  • Dozens of irrelevant search results

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