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123HelpMe Is Not a Writing Service!

The company that I want to discuss today is 123helpme.com. Quite a funny title, isn't it? The first thought I had was that a marketing team decided not to make up some cliche names like EssayWritingService, CoolEssay, BestSuperMegaEssay, and so on. Maybe, it is even for the better. So, let's come back to the discussion and find some information about this essay writing company.

I didn't find the About Us page, and that really disappointed me because how can I learn about this website otherwise? Right! I have to gather information myself. What a shameless waste of the customers' time.

The first thing that I discovered is that 123helpme.com is NOT a writing service. This company will not write a paper for you from scratch. So, if you were looking for writing help, sorry, it is not the right place. What is 123helpme com? It is a huge storage of essays. And they offer over 400,000 essays for users' needs.

123HelpMe Search

Impressive, indeed! And now you think "Finally, I can read thousands of good essays that will inspire me to create a good one on my own." Cool your jets! This service is not free, and you have to buy a subscription to get unlimited access to this database. So, let's see whether their subscription is worth the required money.

No Authors, So No One Is Responsible

Usually, in this section, I write about the types of services and writers of a chosen company. As for the types of services, there is only one, and it is access to the database of argumentative, persuasive, informative, and many other types of essays. 123HelpMe Details

Now I have a question, how can I check this piece of information? Why does 123HelpMe not indicate an author of a paper if all intellectual property rights belong to them? I see no good reasons why the company is hiding the authors' names unless there are no writers and all these papers are either stolen or written by no-name copywriters, who are not academic professionals at all. My position is simple. If the company states something, it has to provide proofs; otherwise, its statements are groundless.

Try Not To Be Tricked By the Subscription Terms

Now, we have come to the most interesting part of 123helpme.com review. As mentioned before, this database of essays is not free as you have to purchase a subscription to get access to samples. Otherwise, you will see only the first paragraph and a blurred text below. So, you need to subscribe to read an essay, and here is what 123helpme.com offers.

123 Help me Prices

You can purchase a subscription for 1,3, or 12 months. Be careful, the prices you see do not mean that you will pay less for a 12-month period. Well, you will definitely save some money if you choose it, but you have to pay the entire sum at once, and it is written in small print - $119.40. So, the minimum purchase will cost you $29.95. However, you can get a trial subscription for only 2 dollars.

123 Help me Prices

But be careful, if you do not cancel it in two days, you will be automatically subscribed to a month offer and charged $29.95. Pay attention if you decide to subscribe, and choose wisely! Actually, I am pretty sure that this is made intentionally, so users can easily forget about their 2-day subscription and will be charged for a full month. That is a bad sign, no doubts.

In Vain of Good Reputation

Well, as I suspected, there are a lot of customers who were tricked with a two-day trial. I found numerous comments like the one you can see below.

123HelpMe customer review

According to this comment, the company charges even before 48 hours pass.

123HelpMe customer review

Other customers say about the poor quality of the essays they received. And there are lots of those who have the same opinion.

123HelpMe customer review

So, 123HelpMe's reputation can be divided into two categories. The first category is the customers who were tricked by a subscription. The second category is the customers who are pissed by the quality of papers. Unfortunately, I didn't find anybody who was absolutely satisfied with this company.

Need Customer Support? Try to Get It!

I cannot say anything bad about customer support because it does not exist in the form customers are used to. You can fill a form on a Contact page, indicating your name, subject, and your message. So, in my 123helpme review there is no space for the evaluation of a customer support team... what a pity!

123HelpMe contact form

When you submit your message, you will get a notification like this.

123HelpMe contact form

No explanations when you will be answered or in what way. Should you check it on your email? I think so. When? I have no idea!

Guarantees? What Guarantees? We Do Not Guarantee Anything

What guarantees do you receive using 123helpme.com? Well, absolutely nothing. They do not even guarantee the quality of essays they provide, though they charge you for a subscription. Is 123HelpMe legit after this? Well, they have warned you. So, officially, yes.

123HelpMe Guarantees

What do we have? We've got a company saying "We have a huge database of essays for you. Pay and get access to it!" You (the customer), "Ok, I paid almost 30 bucks, but the quality of essays is poor." 123HelpMe, "We don't give a fuck!" Maybe, I was a bit rude, but that is exactly how I see the company's attitude towards its customers. Am I not right? Or, maybe some of you have a feeling that 123HelpMe is a safe service?

How Do I Use This.... "Essay Service"?

On the main page, you will find a field where you need to input a title of a topic you want to find. Then, you will get the results in accordance with the key words that you have indicated. The huge list of topics which satisfy your request.


Quality... You Will See The Cold Truth Only After a Subscription

What can I say about the quality of the papers? Is 123HelpMe creating an image of a reliable company? I found some comments on the Internet saying that a preview of a paper differs a lot from the full one which you'll get once you buy a subscription. Reading a preview, I did not find anything written very badly. Indeed, there were some errors like the absence of in-text citations when an author cited some statistical data, a couple of missed comas, maybe a bad choice of a few words, but nothing too serious. However, once you get an ability to read the full essay, you will see a significant difference.

Sometimes, I had a feeling that there were two different people who wrote an essay. The writing style of each person has specific features, and you can easily notice it. Besides, I found more serious errors and even awkward sentences. So, what is my opinion? In order to make customers buy a subscription, 123helpme.com hired good writers to write previews for their papers. This way, they were able to demonstrate that the company really has good essays in its database. The previews of their essays are no longer than 200 words. The remaining parts of essays which sometimes reach 1000 words were written by less experienced and skillful writers. That explains numerous negative comments from pissed customers who were mad about the bad quality 123HelpMe essays that they found in the database.

Additional Services? Nah...

Usually, in this section, I write about some features that a user can get in addition to the ordinary service package. However, on this website, you will not find any special offers or discounts, only trial subscription. Nevertheless, for those users who have a big desire to say 'thank you', there is a donation page. No, it's not for sending them money. The company made this page so that you could donate your essay, and thus, improve their database, making it bigger. What a nice idea. You post your essay for free, and the company gets money for your work. Moreover, they do not even mention you as the author of the essay. Nice cooperation!

The Final Word

The paper was delivered on time, with no delays or excuses why the writer couldn't complete everything in accordance with the required deadline. I checked my order using a plagiarism detection tool, and it was 100% original. I didn't find any grammar mistakes or sentences which made no sense being written just to reach the word count. Hence, I cannot say anything bad about the quality of the paper that I got on Paperhelp.org.


  • Cheap trial period for only $2, I guess? I don't know what else can be considered good about this company.


  • Bad online reputation
  • Tricky subscription terms
  • No live chat or support
  • Essays of doubtful quality once you get the full access

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