Essay writing companies have a very checkered reputation. Their customers are always divided into two camps. One claims that all writing companies are liars, scammers, and never provide a quality service. Others state that such companies have pulled their butts out of the fire many times. And whom should you trust? Who is right in this interminable controversy? We have an answer - all of them and none of them!

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Life is always a coin with two sides, and writing services are not an exclusion. Steven and I have been around the block. Our experience with writing companies made us realize that on the web, you can find both the best essay writing service and the worst one.

That was the reason why we decided to create a page on our site which would be dedicated solely to essay writing service reviews. This way, we could help students to make a right choice and not repeat our mistakes.

On the Internet, you can find quite a lot of paper writing services review sites. However, to our deepest disappointment, most of them provide some general information with no investigations, proofs, or argumentations. Steven and I decided to use a different approach. Search, gather, analyze, and check. These are four criteria that we apply when reviewing writing services. No suggestions, no groundless arguments, only FACTS!

We even decided to create a list of the top essay services. The companies included in this list are the most reliable ones among all writing companies that we have reviewed. Of course, it will change eventually as we will analyze more companies and find services that offer better academic solutions.

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Disclaimer: Any review provided on EssayTopicsMasters is an evaluative judgement. We do not state or guarantee that a particular service can or cannot provide a certain quality of papers. All our conclusions are based solely on personal experience which can differ from yours. Besides, the quality of services may change and the reviews might become outdated by that time.