Random Topic Generator

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How Does the Random Topic Generator Work?

Actually, it's so simple I don't know where to begin. First, you need to click the button "Get a Random Topic." After that, you receive a topic. You can click the button again to get another suggestion until you come across the one you'll love. That's it! Everything is simple and free as always, thanks to Steven. Use this Random Topic Generator and forget about a constant dilemma of "how to choose a good topic for my essay."

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What is a Random Topic Generator?

Sometimes professors show mercy and let students choose a topic for an essay themselves. When it happens, most of us think "God bless this good person! Now I can choose a topic which I like and write a great essay". Sounds familiar? And what usually happens next? Exactly! You don't know which topic to choose. Why? Because you have so many good ideas in your head and each of them sounds brilliant, but which one is the best? In such moments, you start thinking that none of those topics is good enough for your essay. You imagine your professor reading your paper and saying "What? Is it the best topic that this student could come up with? Even a kid in an elementary school would choose a better idea for an essay."

Now you understand that a free choice of a topic is not a mercy, it is the worst punishment. In fact, it is a test, and your professor expects you to demonstrate excellent analytical and research skills. So, now we come to the main issue: how to choose a good topic for your essay that will impress your professor? The answer is simple. Use this random topic generator.

Steven and I had the same problem when we were students. And to solve it once for all, we've decided to create a tool that would generate a random topic for us. The hardest thing was to find a huge database of decent topics approved by professors. We spent a lot of time compiling it on the Internet from various universities and colleges. I think we visited almost every website that had any connection to study in order to find topics that professors usually give to their students. When our great research was completed, we added all these topics to the Random Topic Generator.

We still constantly search and add more topics to our generator's database. Nevertheless, it is completely functional, and you can get a random topic right now.