Free Thesis Statement Generator

1. Write Your Topic

As you can understand from the item's title, here you need to write down the topic of your paper. Use the one that your professor has provided to you, create your own, or choose one from the Huge Wall Of Essay Topics that you can find on our website. For example, you can write a topic like this, "Do school tests reflect the true level of students' knowledge?"

2. Why Do You Agree With The Main Idea of Your Topic?

You have chosen a topic. Great! Now, make at least one statement why you support the main idea of your topic. Think what arguments make you agree. For example, if we take the topic demonstrated above, we can state the following, "School tests reflect the true level of students' knowledge because there is only one correct answer which shows that a student either knows or does not know the subject."

3. Why Do You Disagree With The Main Idea of Your Topic?

There are very few things in the world that cannot be disputed and your thesis statement is not an exclusion. Now, think about the opposite side of your argumentation and try to figure out what can make you disagree with the position that you have mentioned above. Again, we will use the same example so you could see it as clear as possible. "School tests predetermine that a student has to know the materials to select the right answer. However, some students play a lottery and select the answers at a guess. Hence, tests do not show the objective level of knowledge".

4. Why Do You Support the Main Idea of Your Topic Despite Qualifications?

Now, you have to think about your topic once again and taking into consideration both the positive and negative sides that you have outlined, you need to decide why you still support the main idea. For example, "Even though students may choose answers on a guess, there is a very low probability that such method will help a student to get the highest score because one cannot always take pot luck".

5. Get Your Thesis

You have completed all the required boxes. Now, just click on the Generate button to get your thesis statement. You can correct the information provided in the boxes above to make your thesis statement look differently.

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What is a Thesis Statement Generator?

When we were studying in college, Steven often tortured me with the same request every time he had to write an essay or a research paper, saying "Axel, I cannot come up with a thesis statement for my paper... Can you help me?" And I used to create thesis statements for my friend. However, after about 12 or maybe 15 requests I said to my roommate, "Listen, Steven, you are a good software engineer. Why don't you create a program that will generate a thesis statement so that you will not bother me with this question anymore?" At first, Steven wanted to argue, but then he paused to think, answering me nothing. The next day, Steven came to me and proudly announced that he created SFTSG. I asked, "What the heck is SFTSG?" Steven explained that SFTSG was Steven's First Thesis Statement Generator. Over just one night, a friend of mine has created a program which generated a thesis statement. We just had to fill a few boxes and get a good thesis statement a second later. After that, Steven stopped asking me to help him with yet another thesis statement. Moreover, it was me who started bothering Steven to let me use his SFTSG so that I could generate thesis statements for my own essays.

Steven's First Thesis Statement Generator was very helpful, and we used it until graduation. Now, when we have created our website, we remembered that once we had such a useful tool and decided to add it on Essaytopicsmasters.

Steven made a few modifications, and now his Thesis Statement Generator works even better. As we decided to make this tool available on our website for all our users, Steven changed its name, and now it is a Free Thesis Statement Generator. Now, students have one headache less. Just fill the required boxes and get your thesis statement in the twinkle of an eye.

You have generated a thesis statement, but how do you use it? Let's take the example that we used in our guide and see how you can write a good argumentative essay. Our thesis statement is School tests are a good way to check the true level of students' knowledge, despite their attempts to select the right answers by making a guess. So, let's start!


The best way to start your essay is to write a catchy introductory paragraph which will motivate readers to learn more about your topic. There are many ways to do it. Some use a rhetorical question, others prefer to give a bit of humor. Everything depends on a topic and a type of a paper. In our case, it is better to avoid funny expressions and write about the problem in a serious way.

The goal of school tests is to check the real knowledge of students, but how can that work when students often cheat and answer at a guess?

Paragraph 1

Keep in mind that your thesis statement is a plan of your narration. Hence, if we said that School tests is a good way to check the true level of students' knowledge...then in the first paragraph it is necessary to support the part of your thesis statement where you agree with this idea. Provide arguments, add pieces of evidence, any statistical data, researches or other proofs which will demonstrate that you are right.

Paragraph 2

Again, coming back to our thesis statement, we see that it also has the second part which says ...despite their attempts to find the right answers by making a guess. It means that there is another side of the coin and people who believe that school tests are not very effective. You cannot silent that information even if you disagree with it 100%. The best way is to use this opposite opinion for your own benefit. That's why you don't need to hide that such a phenomenon really takes place. You can even provide some statistics which will demonstrate the percentage of students who try to cheat.

Paragraph 3

Now, when we have described both sides of the issue, we need to return to our thesis statement and check it again. The idea that we support is that School tests are good despite the students' attempts to cheat. So, even with the negative aspects that we have listed above, one cannot deny the fact that school tests have more advantages than disadvantages. To make your readers support this idea, you can provide some arguments and statistics which show that even though students cheat, they very seldom succeed this way. So, tell that the benefits of school tests are higher than those little pitfalls which students use to cheat.


The final part of your essay is a conclusion, and here you need to draw the bottom line under everything that you have been talking about. There is no need to summarize all the pros and cons that you have described. It is better to use your thesis statement, rephrase it, and add some more sentences. For example, you can write this Some people state that school tests are not effective since students cheat, but the majority of such cheaters often fail, and even giving answers at a guess has an incredibly low percentage of success.