Persuasive essay topics

A persuasive essay is a type of an academic assignment which requires a student to use logic and facts to show that one idea is more rational than the other. Your goal is to persuade a reader that your (or a chosen) point of view has more reasons to be adopted. It is not enough to provide a bunch of facts to make readers believe you. Your goal is to use logical reasons and facts as the supporting factors of your convincing paper. If you are looking for some persuasive topics for your writing, the list below is for your consideration.

Good persuasive essay topics

If you want to write a persuasive essay, you need to find a good topic. Otherwise, your work will be just another boring story. We have searched for good persuasive essay topics and made a list for your needs. Each of them is worth to be written about, so pick one, and full steam ahead!

  1. Can the same thing be right and wrong at the same time?
  2. Has humanity ever gone in a right direction?
  3. What is more important, to help yourself or the world?
  4. Is math something that people invent or discover?
  5. Are bad thoughts or intentions without any actions make you a bad person?
  6. Do school tests reflect the true level of students' knowledge?
  7. Should everybody have a right to free education?
  8. Is poverty a real problem of the society or a consequence of a person's weak will?
  9. What is better, to cheat and get a good grade or to have a bad grade without cheating?
  10. Is American society the best example of a social system?
  11. Does advertising have a negative effect on children?
  12. What is the best way to evaluate the students' knowledge?
  13. What are the most common reasons for suicide?
  14. Is global warming a real threat to humanity that exists today?
  15. Will progressive modern technologies make our life better?

Interesting persuasive essay topics

If you want to write an excellent persuasive essay, you should have a very interesting topic which will attract the attention of readers. To release you from the endless search of such ideas, we have prepared a list of interesting persuasive essay topics for your consideration. Check it and find the one which will help you to catch the attention of your readers.

  1. How to make America great again?
  2. Do you believe that aliens exist and visit our planet?
  3. Is it better to expert a little in many fields or be a great expert only in one field?
  4. Does love exist or is it ultimately an escape from loneliness and search for support?
  5. Is killing animals for eating considered to be a murder?
  6. Do children mostly live online nowadays?
  7. Can bad habits help people make new friends easier?
  8. How can customers' complaints help a business become better?
  9. Do conflicts make relationships stronger?
  10. Do new technologies make people lazier?
  11. Do students who study distantly have more chances to cheat?
  12. Can some TV ads be considered art?
  13. Will cash money disappear in the recent future?
  14. Can a one-car-per-family policy significantly reduce the air pollution?
  15. Should old historical buildings be demolished to free the place for new and more technologically-advanced ones?

Persuasive essay topics for college

Expectations from students who study in college are higher, especially when it concerns essays they have to write. Selection of a suitable topic may take long hours or only a few moments if you look through the list of persuasive essay topics for college students. Don’t waste your time on an endless search, when you can find everything you need almost immediately and in one place.

  1. Do you think that every new generation has a better life than its predecessors?
  2. What is a white lie? Should people who tell it be considered liers just the same?
  3. Julius Caesar said that he would rather be the first man in a village than second in Rome. What would your choice be?
  4. What are the essential rights that every person should have without distinction of age, genre, or ethnic origin?
  5. Would absence of laws, rules, and other restrictive measures change your behavior?
  6. Should there be any limitations to freedom of speech?
  7. What is your definition of evil and does pure evil exist in real life?
  8. Can cannibalism be justified?
  9. Why do the poorest countries have the lowest rate of suicide, while the rich ones have the highest rate?
  10. What are the most effective sources of green energy?
  11. Has Internet made people dualistic and are there two I's: the "real I" and the "online I"?
  12. Why do people prefer using paper money instead of plastic cards?
  13. Does virtual reality pose a threat to kids?
  14. What is the difference between a war and a peacemaking operation if people die in both cases?
  15. Does political correctness make us silence the things that we want to talk about?

Persuasive essay topics for high school

High school requirements are not as tough, and thus, essay topics are easier here. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it is always easy to think of a great topic in a twink. Sometimes, additional help is required, and thus, we offer you to see the list of persuasive essay topics for high school students.

  1. What role does music play in people's lives?
  2. Why do we make wrong decisions even when we know that they are wrong?
  3. Is it ethical to gain victory by any means necessary?
  4. Has humanity become technologically addicted?
  5. Should couples live together before marriage even if it is not forbidden by their culture or traditions?
  6. Does early marriage have more chances to lead to a divorce?
  7. Is it necessary to give pills to hyperactive kids?
  8. Can a person become successful without an optimistic mood?
  9. Does voluntourism have benefits only for travelers, but not for the local population?
  10. Why do vegetarians hate meat lovers?
  11. Should students have an opportunity to choose their own topic for research?
  12. Is argumentative writing useless and cannot be applied in real life?
  13. How many languages do you need to learn to communicate freely in any country of the world?
  14. Will live communication soon disappear because of the smartphones?
  15. Can a virtual relationship exist for long?

Persuasive essay topics for middle school

Everybody needs a good idea for a persuasive essay. Why search for it somewhere or try to come up with it yourself, when there is an excellent list of persuasive essay topics for middle school students. Check what we have successfully found for you and don’t hesitate to use these topics in your assignments.

  1. What is the best movie of all time?
  2. Is it possible to live an honest life and never lie?
  3. Can business owner refuse to provide service to the customer with no solid reason?
  4. Does anonymity encourage people to behave wrong or demonstrates their true nature?
  5. Do elderly people really need retirement homes or is it that their children simply do not want to take care of their parents?
  6. Does the Bermuda triangle really exist or is it just a myth?
  7. Why do people make tattoos?
  8. How many friends on social networks is considered normal?
  9. Is being an artist a profession or a calling?
  10. Should authorities provide stricter gun control?
  11. Should distant learning students pass tests on campus?
  12. Should rich people pay additional taxes?
  13. In what cases does a woman not have a right to abortion?
  14. Should immigrants have more flexible rights?
  15. Can you trust online reviews?

Persuasive essay topics for kids

Kids also need a good topic for their essays because not all ideas will be suitable for them. We have carefully studied what to offer for this audience and created a list of persuasive essay topics for kids. They are not intricate, but will still make even adults wrap their mind around the discussed issue.

  1. Can you blame your dog for eating your homework?
  2. What other animals except sheep do you count when you cannot fall asleep?
  3. Do fairy tales help you fall asleep?
  4. Do gadgets kill children's imagination?
  5. What is the best way to spend free time?
  6. What book has brought you the greatest enjoyment?
  7. What is your favourite comics hero?
  8. How to make new friends
  9. Who is your best school friend?
  10. What role does music play in your life?
  11. How do you cope with bullying at school?
  12. What is your favourite class?
  13. What is the best pet animal for you?
  14. What is the best reaction to abuses?
  15. What is a perfect day for you?

Best persuasive essay topics

Only best of the best persuasive essay topics are gathered in this list. Some of the ideas that you can find here may seem a bit difficult and even challenging, but that’s what makes them excel among others. Check this list if you want a hard but worthwhile idea.

  1. Is there any difference between revenge and justice?
  2. Can greater good justify wrong actions?
  3. Does government have a moral right to act unethically for the greater good of society?
  4. If all babies are born innocent, then at what age or for what reason do we stop being innocent?
  5. Should the government verify the content that appears on the Internet?
  6. Is there the best age for marriage?
  7. How to prevent and avoid school shootings
  8. Can parents forbid their teenage children to have kids?
  9. When does a patient have a right to assisted suicide?
  10. Do modern technologies turn people into introverts?
  11. Are fast food restaurants the ones to blame for a high rate of obesity?
  12. Why do adult people watch movies about superheroes?
  13. Should there be a dress code for school teachers?
  14. How to avoid plagiarism writing a research paper?
  15. Will virtual currency replace paper money?