Informative essay topics

An informative essay is a type of an academic assignment which requires a student to educate a reader on something he or she did not know before. The author's goal is to provide some new information on a well-known subject or explain something entirely new to the reader. When writing an informative essay, you should be proficient in the chosen topic and only deliver reliable information. You need to simply educate the reader, not to provide a personal view on a matter and try to defend it. Below, you can choose a topic for an informative essay.

Good informative essay topics

If you still cannot find good informative topics for your essay, check this list. We have prepared very interesting and sometimes even challenging topics so that you could run riot and write a real masterpiece. Pick the one you like and do your best.

  1. Can good education guarantee well-paid and interesting job?
  2. What toys should be forbidden for children?
  3. How much time a day children should spend playing video games?
  4. Should children always follow their parents advice?
  5. Who is the greatest leader today?
  6. What principles a good company should follow to increase the level of loyalty among its employees?
  7. How to prepare for interview?
  8. What is the most cruel and intolerante religion of all times?
  9. What is the best film which will be interesting for all generations?
  10. Can physical exercises improve the mental wellbeing?
  11. What food leads to obesity?
  12. How to stay active all day without energy drinks and caffeine?
  13. How to protect children from violence at school?
  14. How to reduce the air pollution caused by vehicles?
  15. How modern technologies have changed the perception of business?

Informative essay topics for high school

For high school students, we’ve got a special list of informative essay topics. They are not very difficult, but with no doubts, these ideas are worth to be written about. Use this list of informative essay topics for high school to fulfill your demand for fresh ideas.

  1. Will online jobs replace the office ones in the nearest future?
  2. Do social media manipulate people's opinions?
  3. Why are followers on social networks so important to teenagers?
  4. Is online dating safer?
  5. Why are World of Warcraft and Minecraft so popular among children?
  6. Does professional sport have a positive effect on health?
  7. Why do people prefer shopping online?
  8. Do computer games help you to develop problem-solving skills?
  9. Who is your favourite superhero?
  10. Do you support hunting?
  11. Can hunting for pleasure be morally justified?
  12. Do people often confuse stress and depression?
  13. Why should a country take care of refugees?
  14. How many books should a person read to improve his or her literacy?
  15. What are the must-have skills that every person should have today?

Informative essay topics for middle school

Even middle school students sometimes experience difficulties and need assistance with selecting a good topic for an essay. Their teachers do not expect that students will choose a complex topic, but having a good one is a must. Check our list of informative essay topics for middle school students and impress your teacher with a fresh and interesting idea in your paper.

  1. What holidays are celebrated in different cultures in a distinct manner?
  2. Do people need to have a family to be happy in a society?
  3. What kind of a perfect boss would you like to have?
  4. Will the Internet kill television?
  5. Why do people so desperately strive for happiness?
  6. Is there a perfect plan that can resolve any conflict?
  7. Are boys really lazier than girls?
  8. Should people always be optimistic about the future?
  9. Why do supernatural phenomena always lack solid evidence?
  10. What is the most effective and harmless source of energy?
  11. Do video games have a negative effect on children's behaviour?
  12. Will robots become our daily home helpers in the nearest future?
  13. Can a person learn to be a comedian?
  14. Will virtual reality replace all other types of entertainment?
  15. What different types of friendship do you know?

Easy informative essay topics

You need an informative essay topic but don’t want to spend long hours on research? We have a solution for you. On this list, we’ve placed only easy informative essay topics which will not bother you so that you could write a great paper within a few hours.

  1. Why should people travel instead of living in one place?
  2. How to improve family relationships
  3. How long should a person work at one company?
  4. How can people learn to say "No"?
  5. What are the biggest stereotypes that many people still believe in?
  6. Can one trust newspapers today?
  7. What is the most ridiculous law that you know of?
  8. Why do people lie even when it does not bring them any benefit?
  9. What is the difference between love and a crush?
  10. Is it bad when people prefer to sit in silence instead of talking?
  11. Why can some animals be hunted for food but others can't?
  12. What are three goals that you want to achieve in your life at any cost?
  13. Can a single person be happy?
  14. What are the qualities of a good leader?
  15. Can people trust the news they see on TV?

Interesting informative essay topics

The worst thing is to write a paper about something you don’t like. This process may last for hours or even days. Or you can pick an interesting informative essay topic from our list and write your paper in a twink. Don’t waste your time on boring essays when you can write about something interesting and new.

  1. Do various film genres really exist or is it an attempt to organise the huge amount of different films?
  2. Is it better to tell a lie in order not to insult a person?
  3. Why can't athletes use steroids? If they were allowed, what would change?
  4. Why is organ transplantation not acceptable in some cultures?
  5. Why have stories about vampires become so popular in the recent years?
  6. Why do people greet each other when they meet?
  7. Can only people feel empathy?
  8. How to create happy and long-time relationships
  9. Should religion review its position regarding new technologies that have changed the perception of life and the role of human beings?
  10. Do people need motivations or is it an excuse for the lack of discipline?
  11. Are bad habits a sign of a weak will?
  12. Why can't students listen to music during classes, even when they have to perform some writing tasks?
  13. Why is studying at school better than at home?
  14. Why is isolation considered to be the worst punishment for human beings?
  15. Does appearance play a more significant role in a modern world than ever before?