Expository essay topics

An expository essay is a type of an academic assignment which requires a student to explain some idea and show it from an unknown point of view. You should provide evidence and perform an analysis to support the case. Unlike argumentative essay, this work should maintain a neutral tone, and mostly requires the information you already possess to be used as proof. You can also use examples or comparison to make sure the reader gets a good grasp of the idea that is being explained. See the list below to pick a topic for an expository essay.

Good expository essay topics

One may say that there is nothing difficult about choosing good expository essay topics. However, nobody wants to write about some ordinary things which are already known to others; everybody wants something special. Check this list of good expository essay topics and be sure that you will not find cheesy ideas here.

  1. Why do people become homeless?
  2. What is discrimination and how cope with it in the workplace?
  3. What are the main factors of obesity?
  4. How people really search for extraterrestrial life?
  5. What is altruism? Provide the brightest example of altruism you know.
  6. Do living in an apartment have more benefits than in a house?
  7. Why do people need do exercises regularly?
  8. What animal is a perfect pet?
  9. What book would you recommend to read everyone?
  10. What list of things can make happy any person?
  11. What is perfect sport that will suit everybody?
  12. Why do teenagers have depression so often?
  13. Is it for better or worse that people are not immortal?
  14. Do aliens exist or not? What is your theory?
  15. What is culture and why people should or should not follow values of their culture?

College expository essay topics

We’ve got something special for those college students who are bored of too simple expository topics. A list of the best expository essay topics which will satisfy the dainty demands of most students. Check the list and pick a good one!

  1. How to choose the best college and not regret about that decision
  2. How to get professional medical treatment without insurance
  3. Why do teenagers fight more often than adults?
  4. Does heroism really exist or is it an exaggerated action?
  5. What could make the world a better place for living?
  6. Will artificial intelligence have a positive effect on our attitude towards life and each other?
  7. Can a person change his/her life in a month? What is necessary to do to accomplish that goal?
  8. Can video games teach teenagers something good?
  9. What is a generation of consumers and how can one become a wise consumer?
  10. Can people create an artificial religion that will unite all people in the world?
  11. How to understand that a person lies to you
  12. Does a company's culture affect an employee's productivity?
  13. Why do people want to legalize soft drugs?
  14. What is the role of pirates in the world history?
  15. Can discrimination have a positive effect on society?

Expository essay topics for high school

High school students often receive a task to explain something, but where to get a good idea for an assignment? The answer is here, on the list that we prepared for you. Not all these topics are simple, but they with no doubts will help you to get a high grade for your expository essay.

  1. What activities relieve stress the best?
  2. Can people control global warming?
  3. How to make children behave properly
  4. Can people return to times when there was no Internet?
  5. Can crafting classes increase one's creativity?
  6. Do students need annual exhibitions?
  7. Why do schools need to take students for excursions?
  8. Why is single motherhood bad?
  9. Are street dogs the most loyal pets?
  10. Why is making a laugh of taboo topics bad?
  11. Do students need to do their homework?
  12. How does reading books expand students' knowledge?
  13. What is the best strategy to make new friends?
  14. Does IQ test show the real level of intelligence?
  15. How to write an excellent essay for high school

Expository essay topics for middle school

Academic requirements are not so high middle school students as they are for those who are in college. Nevertheless, the teachers still expect that students will choose a good topic for an expository essay. We can help you with it since we have already selected the best expository essay topics for middle school students. Check them out and write an impressive academic paper that will make a teacher appreciate your writing talent.

  1. Do we always have to be happy?
  2. How can one improve his/her grades?
  3. Why is breakfast the most important meal?
  4. Should abortion be forbidden?
  5. Why do people's principles change with time?
  6. How to create a unique paper with no plagiarism
  7. Why do professors provide too many assignments to complete?
  8. Is being a celebrity an easy or a tough task?
  9. How to deal with a person who has double standards
  10. When and how did people realize that racism was bad?
  11. How to deal with bullying at school
  12. How should the United States cope with the problem of illegal immigrants?
  13. If you could live in a fictional world what would it look like?
  14. Why does modern art have nothing in common with the traditional image of art?
  15. If you could live in any time, when would you like to live?