Exploratory essay topics

An exploratory essay is a type of an academic assignment which requires a student to explore an issue to get a better understanding of it without necessarily providing solid proof to support it. Usually, the topics for this task feature a problem that people have either not explored enough yet or that is still considered controversial. An author simply tries to analyze an idea or a phenomenon to clarify it for himself and for the reader. A conclusion should contain your final thoughts on the subject considering its previous examination. If you need a good topic for an exploratory essay, see what we have to offer below.

  1. How to reduce carbon emissions?
  2. Do people have wrong image of how other should look like?
  3. How to prevent school shooting?
  4. What is the best way to prepare for test?
  5. Does coffee help people to concentrate better?
  6. Why polygamy marriages are considered to be bad?
  7. Do sex before marriage had a negative impact on people's attitude to marriage?
  8. Why some children behave themselves badly?
  9. Can smartphones become a reason for brain cancer?
  10. Does a freedom of speech has any connection with tolerance?
  11. Do technologies make people less creative?
  12. Can music be used as a tool in an education process?
  13. Is cyberbullying more dangerous than physical bullying?
  14. Can people judge foreigners for their behaviour abroad?
  15. Is euthanasia a crime or a noble solution?