Exemplification essay topics

An exemplification essay is a type of an academic assignment which requires a student to prove a certain idea using a relevant example. You should start such an essay by either writing in favor or against the subject. Next, briefly introduce an example you are going to use to support your position. The main goal is to prove there are enough similarities between the example and the considered idea and the former can be used to evaluate the latter. We've got some nice exemplification essay topics for you to use, you will find them below.

  1. Can a person get a well-paid job without education in college?
  2. Should every house produce its own energy to satisfy its needs in energy?
  3. Can two religions exist on equal level in one country?
  4. Is materialism one of the main mental problems?
  5. Can online education give more advantages?
  6. Can people ever stop wars?
  7. Why it is necessary to take measures against flying drones?
  8. Does the United Stated need to reform its gun control regulation?
  9. Should students be allowed not to learn subjects they do not want?
  10. Why do american population consume so much meat?
  11. Does group learning have more advantages than the individual one?
  12. What is the biggest disadvantage of any culture?
  13. Can the world ever refuse from following any religion?
  14. Do social networks destroy people's personal life?
  15. Can modern technologies have a negative impact on certain cultures?