Evaluation essay topics

An evaluation essay is a type of an academic assignment which requires a student to analyze the subject on the considered criteria and provide a judgement. Most students are familiar with this task, as it basically means writing a review of some sort and expressing their own opinion on the matter. The final judgement must be supported by evidences and arguments regarding the quality of the reviewed subject. To put it frankly, a student should record a one-person debate and provide a conclusion, based on the points made by the side with a stronger case. See the following list for subject you can evaluate in your essay.

  1. Analyze the difference between an on a screen and in a real life.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of coaching of your favourite sport team.
  3. Evaluate the reasons of the high level of unemployment.
  4. Evaluate the necessity of providing free education.
  5. What is the best amount of working hours a week?
  6. How would the technology will change in 20 years?
  7. What professions will disappear soon?
  8. What is the difference between watching a film at home and in the cinema?
  9. Evaluate the effectiveness of tests at school.
  10. Examine the way different generations use technologies?
  11. Evaluate the trustworthy of news on TV.
  12. Why do people need apps for their everyday routine?
  13. How video games affect the perception of a real world?
  14. Evaluate why some people follow traditions strict.
  15. Examine the benefits of proper diet and regular exercise.