Cause and effect essay topics

A cause and effect essay is a type of an academic assignment which requires a student to establish a connection between specific events, actions, or decisions and their results. The goal is to analyze how the discussed issue may lead to the mentioned outcomes. Depending on a topic, you may also have to evaluate the nature of the consequences and suggest a way to avoid them. Some topics may require you to provide more proof than others to demonstrate the connection between the cause and effect. The following list offers some interesting topics to analyze.

Good cause and effect essay topics

When you have a task to write a cause and effect essay, it is not enough just to take a random topic and start working on it. There are certain criteria which have to be satisfied. To restore you from pondering what idea to choose, we have created this list of good cause and effect essay topics.

  1. What is the effect of global warming on environment?
  2. How does parents' divorce affect a child's perception of marriage?
  3. In what way have feminism movements changed the attitude of men towards women?
  4. What makes children rebel against their parents?
  5. What effect does Internet have on a new generation?
  6. What are the main causes of world conflicts?
  7. What are the reasons behind terrorist attacks?
  8. What are the main reasons for divorce?
  9. What effect do regular sport exercises have on a person's health?
  10. What are the main reasons for poverty in the world?
  11. Why does the obesity rate in the United States increase every year?
  12. Why do some people live longer than others?
  13. What makes people happy?
  14. What are the reasons for the current American foreign policy course?
  15. What makes people believe in God?

Cause and effect essay topics for college students

College students have specific requirements when they need to choose essay topics. To save your time from an endless search of suitable ideas, we have gathered this cause and effect essay topics for college students. You will not find some easy or high school topics here, only those which correspond to your academic level.

  1. What are the consequences of domestic violence for children's behavior?
  2. What effect do movies with explicit scenes have on children?
  3. What effect do religious organizations have on society?
  4. Why do people prefer watching films instead of reading books?
  5. Why do people start bad habits?
  6. What effect do smartphones have on teenagers?
  7. What makes people spend hours watching silly videos on YouTube?
  8. Why do spouses cheat?
  9. Why are video games so popular?
  10. Why do people strive to become rich?
  11. Why does the majority of students think that school is boring?
  12. Can new technologies like iPads and smartboards improve the study process?
  13. How do programs against bullying at school effect bullying?
  14. What is the purpose of school uniform and does it have any positive effect on the educational process?
  15. What is the effect of slavery on the American society?

Easy cause and effect essay topics

A cause and effective essay can become a real challenge for those students who have never written this type of assignment before. And in the beginning, such paper may seem like real hell. However, if you select one of the easy cause and effect essay topics available here, you will write your work without striking a blow.

  1. What is the effect of globalization on national culture?
  2. What is the effect of air pollution?
  3. What damage can cyberbullying cause?
  4. What effect does stress have on health?
  5. The consequences of alcoholism for relationships in a family
  6. The causes of a high crime rate in a society
  7. The effect of a long-distance relationship on marriage
  8. What are the main causes of cancer?
  9. What are the consequences of obesity among children?
  10. What is the effect of unemployment on the economy?
  11. The effect of racism on a person's worldview
  12. The consequences of illegal immigration on the American economy
  13. What made countries participate in WWII?
  14. What is the effect of pornography on mental well-being?
  15. Does video game addiction has a negative effect on a person's success?

Fun cause and effect essay topics

Let’s have some fun and see what essay you will write if you choose one of the fun cause and effect essay topics from this list. Bring some enjoyment into the writing process. Study shouldn’t be boring, and writing has to arouse interest and evolve your imagination.

  1. Why do you laugh when your friends fall?
  2. What is the reason to keep pets at home when you already have five cats?
  3. What makes silly jokes so funny?
  4. Why are comedies about teenagers so liked by teenagers but hated by adults?
  5. What is the funniest thing that a student can make in college?
  6. Why is Google more popular than Yahoo?
  7. How can a new mobile app become popular in a week?
  8. What are the consequences of having no rest in summer?
  9. What makes teenagers experience hunger for likes and shares on social networks?
  10. Is listening to heavy metal songs a straight way to hell?
  11. What can make you laugh when everybody is sad?
  12. What makes people tell spoilers about your favourite show?
  13. How can weather affect people's moods?
  14. How can pets affect people's moods?
  15. What happens when people fall in love?