Essay topics

All students face the same problem when they start writing an essay. Where to find a good topic? The first solution that comes to mind is to come up with the essay topic ideas yourself. But we all know that it may take a lot of time, and in the end, you will have like a dozen essay topics. Half of them will be either boring or you will have no ideas to write about, the other half will be too simple and not impressive for your teacher.

To help you with this problem once and for all, Steven and I have created a huge database of essay topics. Currently, we have added over 600 topics on the ET Masters, but it is only a small part, and we will add the rest shortly bit by bit. For your convenience, we have divided all topics by types. You can find the full topics' types list on the right. Click the one you are interested in, and you will see dozens of fresh ideas. Next time, when you need good essay topics to write about, visit our site and find a solution in a couple of minutes. Save your time and enjoy a free database of essay topics!

Argumentative essay topics

An argumentative essay requires analyzing information on a given topic. In most cases, an author has to find and provide evidence that would serve as convincing arguments supporting a discussed statement.

  1. Does relaxing always mean doing nothing?
  2. Do children's dreams often remain dreams and have no chance to become true?
  3. What place do you want to visit the most?
  4. Who is the most successful person you know?
  5. .....
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Persuasive essay topics

A persuasive essay means that an author has to review several points of view on a specific subject and persuade a reader to choose one of them over the others. This should be achieved by operating available facts and evaluating how reasonable the suggested approaches are.

  1. Can the same thing be right and wrong at the same time?
  2. Has humanity ever gone in a right direction?
  3. What is more important, to help yourself or the world?
  4. Is math something that people invent or discover?
  5. .....
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Compare and contrast essay topics

A compare and contrast essay is self-explanatory. An author is given two or more objects or notions that should be compared. The goal is to figure out how similar they are and what crucial differences they have.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of distant studying?
  2. Do college degrees have any power today?
  3. What genre of music is the most melodic?
  4. What social order is the best?
  5. What is the difference between government in Western and Eastern Europe countries?
  6. ..........
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Cause and effect essay topics

A cause and effect essay has a goal to improve an author's skills in connecting certain actions or events as resulting from one another. In certain cases, it is necessary to draw a conclusion on how some outcomes can be prevented.

  1. What is the effect of global warming on environment?
  2. How does parents' divorce affect a child's perception of marriage?
  3. In what way have feminism movements changed the attitude of men towards women?
  4. What makes children rebel against their parents?
  5. What effect does Internet have on a new generation?
  6. .......
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Narrative essay topics

A narrative essay is all about telling a story. While it does not require a serious analysis like other essay types do, an author has to make sure the narration is interesting and can hold a reader's attention, even if the story itself may be nothing out of the ordinary.

  1. If you could change only one thing in the world what would that be?
  2. What is the most frightening experience you have ever had?
  3. What is your biggest achievement?
  4. What journey has changed your worldview?
  5. What was the most successful day of your life?
  6. .....
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Informative essay topics

An informative essay requires an author to educate a reader on a specific subject. It may be some recently discovered facts or new details of a widely known phenomenon. There is no place for a personal opinion; the only goal is to deliver information in a clear manner.

  1. Can good education guarantee well-paid and interesting job?
  2. What toys should be forbidden for children?
  3. How much time a day children should spend playing video games?
  4. Should children always follow their parents advice?
  5. Who is the greatest leader today?
  6. .....
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Expository essay topics

An expository essay sets a goal for an author to present an unknown perspective on something. It is necessary to provide some evidence to prove its feasibility. No deep research is required, mostly what you already know about the subject and can use to explain certain aspects.

  1. Why do people become homeless?
  2. What is discrimination and how cope with it in the workplace?
  3. What are the main factors of obesity?
  4. How people really search for extraterrestrial life?
  5. What is altruism? Provide the brightest example of altruism you know.
  6. .....
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Process essay topics

A process essay requires an author to provide a step-by-step description of a particular process or set of actions necessary to achieve something. Although similar to a manual, its vocabulary should still be not as matter-of-fact but noticeably livelier.

  1. How to overcome insomnia?
  2. How to rent an apartment for cheap in a big city?
  3. How to pass finals without stress?
  4. How to refuse from bad habits?
  5. How to write a perfect essay when you have only six hours?
  6. How to increase your self-confidence?
  7. .....
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Evaluation essay topics

An evaluation essay requires a thorough analysis resulting in a conclusion. The assessment of the provided subject should be carried out by reviewing it from several points of view and choosing the most convincing one.

  1. Analyze the difference between an on a screen and in a real life.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of coaching of your favourite sport team.
  3. Evaluate the reasons of the high level of unemployment.
  4. Evaluate the necessity of providing free education.
  5. What is the best amount of working hours a week?
  6. ......
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Exemplification essay topics

An exemplification essay requires an author to defend his/her case by presenting an existing precedent. The subject used as an example needs to be examined to discover its relevance to the main idea.

  1. Can a person get a well-paid job without education in college?
  2. Should every house produce its own energy to satisfy its needs in energy?
  3. Can two religions exist on equal level in one country?
  4. Is materialism one of the main mental problems?
  5. ......
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Exploratory essay topics

An exploratory essay should contain an author's exploration of an issue that has no definite answer yet. Usually, it is a controversial or relatively unexplored subject. The essay should result in the author's final thoughts on the matter.

  1. How to reduce carbon emissions?
  2. Do people have wrong image of how other should look like?
  3. How to prevent school shooting?
  4. What is the best way to prepare for test?
  5. Does coffee help people to concentrate better?
  6. ......
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