What to Bring to College: The College Packing List 2018

Going to college is an important and rather stressful period of anyone's life, and you want to do everything right. Well, at least I hope you do. And I would like to help make your first months at a new place as comfortable as possible by giving some tips on how to pack for college.

While there are many items that you can buy at a local store, you may not have time for that or simply forget to purchase it. And then, halfway through the first semester, you'll realize you lack some of the simplest things every college student needs.

Nevertheless, when deciding what to pack for college, it also important not to include items you may end up just putting on a shelf and never using. Try to find out what will already be in your dorm room or an apartment. Perhaps, your roommate is already bringing some of the larger items you won't need extra of. Also, check whether everything you are planning to bring is allowed.

What to Pack for College

Adapters and extension cords

You don't want to find out that you cannot sit in the best spot in the room simply because there is no available socket nearby.

Headphones and earplugs

These things will come in handy when you have to study without getting distracted.

Flashlight, candles, and light bulbs

Sometimes the power goes out, but professors don't treat it as a good excuse.


It's best to take some precautionary measures in keeping some valuable items.

Food containers

They keep your food fresh, and your textbooks don't smell like your food.

Foam topper/mattress pad

Getting good sleep is essential, but it can be tough when your bed feels like a rock.


You can never have too many of those. They're good for pillow fights, building a fort, or, well, getting comfy on a couch.

Bathrobe and shower shoes

In case you are sharing a room with someone else or using a dorm shower, you will not regret packing these.

Toilet paper

Take a roll or two with you. Do I really have to explain why it's important to have it in a new place, especially in the middle of the night?

Board games and playing cards

Not only they can keep you and your new friends from getting bored, but it's also something you can bond over.

Duct tape

Even if you forget everything else, you're safe as long as you bring duct tape with you.

First aid kit

Duct tape is cool, but some people prefer having proper bandages and other useful medical stuff. Well, agree to disagree.

Tool kit

If it ain't broke… oh, wait, it is. Lucky you have the necessary means to fix it.


Quite a useful device for protecting your textbooks, gadgets, and yourself from a sudden rain. Don't hope you'll be able to borrow it from your fellow students. They might not have read this article!

As you can see, I left out a lot of the most obvious things not to make this packing list ridiculously long. I bet you know well enough what things to bring to college, and those are just a few tips based on my own experience and observation of my fellow students.

And I've got one more list for you. It's shorter but no less important.

What NOT to Bring to College

Your mom

Sorry, I couldn't resist. But seriously, don't. And neither any other relative.

Flying broomsticks, invisibility cloaks, or cursed objects

You are not allowed to bring them to Hogwarts, why would you think college is different?


You can still bring roses though, just don't beat people with them.


Why bring something you can buy on location? Just kidding, but check the relevant laws if you are moving to a different state.

Thinking it's all partying ‘n stuff

Sorry, you will have to study hard.

Thinking your life is over

It's actually not that bad and can be pretty fun. We'll try to contribute to this being the best time of your life (or at least make it bearable) so don't forget to bookmark our site.

Ok, you can start packing now.