My First Experience with Essay Writing Companies

Time...The Only Thing We Always Lack

When Steven and I were students, we had many things to do but very little time for future use. Time was probably the only resource that we always lacked more than anything else. Almost every day we had to find time for homework, workouts, friends, dates with girlfriends, sometimes a part-time job, and even some projects that we wanted to bring to life. We were not lazybones who constantly complain about everybody and everything. If it was necessary to write an essay by the next day's morning, and it was already midnight, we would spend the whole night but complete that essay on time.

I remember it was incredibly difficult for me to get used to the new life of a student when I was a freshie. Sometimes, I slept 2 or 3 hours a day, and that was fine since some days I didn't sleep at all. Fortunately, by the time I've become a sophomore, I had learned how to organize my schedule better and could find more time for sleep. Nevertheless, time still was something that we needed the most. Besides, we started getting more home tasks, and not all of them were useful and helped us to learn something new. Sometimes I thought that professors gave us topics just to make us write at least something so that we wouldn't have even one free minute for anything except homework.

Help That I Didn't Want to Accept

I heard that some students used writing assistance. Actually, I was very skeptical about this type of study help. However, when I got one more essay with almost the same topic that I had written not so long ago, I said, "Enough. I cannot write the same things again. Let somebody else do it for me." One of my groupmates advised me a writing service that he was using. I placed an order, paid like 50 bucks and got my essay done by some writer. I didn't expect a perfect work. However, the essay was written well, and I got a B or even an A for it, don't remember for sure.

A Common Mistake of A common Naive Fool

In a couple of weeks, after my first experience with essay writing services, I had a term paper to do. I will shoot straight and admit that this time I had enough time for this assignment. However, I really hated the topic and had a strong desire not to write it myself. So, I decided to use the writing service again.

For whatever reason, I didn't seek help from the same company. I just googled "essay writing company" and used one of the first links that the search results showed me. The prices on that site were even lower. So, I decided that was my luck. I placed an order for a 10-page paper and paid almost $200. A huge sum of money for a student, but it was worth that since I would spend like a whole week writing the assignment myself.

The company delivered me the paper in 10 days as promised. It was exactly the deadline for my term paper. I looked through the paper but didn't read it carefully. Just checked the subheadings and whether I had the proper amount of pages. The paper formatting seemed to be right, and there was a list of references. I sent this term paper to my professor expecting to get a B.

Too High Expectations...Too High

My expectations were tragically overestimated. When the professor sent me feedback, I could not believe my eyes. I got a D. Everything was wrong in my term paper. However, the fact that a writer didn't make a research as the instructions required was not even the worst thing. It was the fact that he made silly mistakes. It was as if a fourth grader had written my paper; there were too many grammar and spelling errors. Some sentences were so awkward that I could not understand what the writer meant. I have never experienced such a shame as that day.

I could have continued blaming the company, the writer, but it was me who did not check this essay writing service reviews and skipped reading the completed assignment before sending it to the professor. I was so angry at that company that I decided to write my feedback on one of the websites with reviews. It was a long and detailed story about my experience with that company and how they had spoiled my reputation and my grade. I made that post of hate and didn't visit the site with reviews for a week or more.

You Reap What You Sow

In about a month, I visited that site again and saw that my post had like 30 likes and a dozen comments. There were at least two people who said they had changed their mind and decided not to order a paper there after reading my feedback. You know, for me it was like the best reward. After that, I searched for other paper writing services review sites and posted my feedback there as well.

It was sweet revenge to understand that the company which had let me down met with its deserts. Steven saw one of my posts on the Internet and said that he had some friends who had also been treated badly by writing services. We understood that not all such services are bad, but how could someone new decide whether a particular writing company is trustworthy? The idea came to our minds immediately. We decided to create a top essay services reviews that students could rely on and a list of the worst essay writing companies that students should avoid at all costs.

A Blessing in Disguise

The idea was to make reviews of writing companies, analyze their policies, carefully read terms and conditions. It was not even necessary to order a paper to understand that a company sucked. In a majority of cases, the first signs of a scum company are plain to see. You just need to carry out a little investigation and spend at least a few hours on the site. The more sites we observed, the more experienced we became. Steven and I knew what to pay attention to and what questions to ask to get the right answers from a customer support manager.

That was the beginning of our huge investigation which has to show what essay writing companies are trustworthy and which ones are scammers. We decided not to keep a blind eye to liars and say directly what services deserve your attention and which ones don't.