About Website

It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan. And our plan is simple because it's our goal, our mission, and the idea that we want to share with you. We strive for creating the largest study community where everyone, from a highschool to a postgraduate student, could find a useful tip and assistance with any academic issue.

Why do we want to do it? Because we are two guys who used to be students not so long ago. We know that education is a coin which has two sides. One side consists of new opportunities, friends, mind-boggling parties, unforgettable moments, and many other crazy and interesting things. The other side has sleepless nights, a huge pile of assignments, attempts to do everything on time, some moron professors who don't care about your study problems, and the absence of a good know-it-all friend who could easily provide you with an answer to any question you have about classes.

We remember how difficult it was sometimes to find information on how to write a research paper or how to cite a website in APA style, when you have neither the author nor the year of publication. There are so many little aspects of study that you don't notice in the beginning, and later, they can turn your life into a real nightmare. We spent sleepless nights on gathering information, learning from our mistakes, spending our precious time on routine tasks.

By the end of our education, we had a huge base of knowledge and experience, lots of useful resources, and links that can significantly relieve the life of any student. That's why we've decided to create a place where a student could receive a solid and full answer to any issue connected with education in high school, college, or university. On this site, you will find everything you need, from simple essay topics to a guide on how to write a dissertation paper. We will share the secrets and tips that will help you to save time on routine tasks and deliver your assignments on schedule, saving plenty of time for other activities.

So, let's turn study into a huge and tasty piece of cake. Join our community and find everything you need for a successful study here!