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EssayTopicsMasters is a perfect helper for any student. No matter whether you are still in high school, study in college, or are already a university graduate. On this site, we have everything that any student may require. Lacking ideas for your next essay? We have over 1,000 topics of different complexity for students of different levels. Have a topic, but don’t know how to write an essay? You are welcome to take a look at our huge base of essay samples. A few thousands of essay samples are free for you to use. Considering to hire someone to write an essay for you and need the best essay writing service? We have reviews of many writing companies that students are ordering from. Compare and contrast different writing services and select the one which suits you the best. Everything that a student needs is just in one place!

Reviews Of Essay Writing Services

The best essay help reviews which is one of the most vivid topics for discussion among students. What service is the most credible? What price is considered to be the most reasonable? Can you trust a service that people recommend you on Reddit, Quora, or any other platform? How do you choose the best paper writing service if most of them look almost the same? It is very difficult to make the right choice, and a lot of students need not just a piece of advice but a good review with proofs, evidence, and facts. And that’s exactly what we do. We do not just say that this or that service is reliable or not. We make an investigation, analyze the terms of use and the money-back guarantee in details. We search information online and compare it to those statements that we find on a service’s site. We even order papers from services to dispel the doubts and get a clear answer to the main question - What quality of a paper can I expect from this writing service? All our reviews are supported with proofs so that you can check everything we say by yourself. We know how to find pitfalls, and we always warn you about them. We want to help students find the best academic helper to make their lives a bit easier and absolve them from unpleasant exeprience with scam and dishonest services.

More About the Best Essay Writing Services

On our site, you can find a list of the best essay writing companies and a list of common custom paper writing services. What is the difference between them and are all companies not in our top list bad? Let’s start with the best representatives of this industry and why we label them as the top best. Currently, we have 4 services which we consider some of the best that you can find on the Internet today - SpeedyPaper, WritePaperforMe, PaperHelp, and EssayAssist. The decision to select exactly these services was based on a bunch of criteria such as quality, delivery, price, and many others. So, these leaders are the best because they can provide good essay writing help according to many parameters. They offer a reasonable price (which is definitely not the least of the demands any customer has), write decent academic papers, and what is more important are NOT scammers, who take the money and provide you with a shitty paper without a chance for a refund. Other companies that you can find on the list of common essay writing services are those that can be good, not bad, bad, and those which you should stay away from at all cost and never order from them. So, yes, there are also good writing services which are not on our TOP list, but we do not consider them the best because, for example, some of them charge twice more or have a very short range of services, or even have a bit unclear refund policy. That’s why, despite the fact that they can deliver you a good paper, we consider them not the best choice since there are companies which can do it better. And finally, companies which provide really bad essay writing assistance. We write about such services too and present proofs, facts, and evidence that demonstrate why you should avoid that particular service. We warn our readers about the pitfalls that might be unnoticed or skipped by customers and, as a result, turned into a loss of money.

Why We Write These Reviews

What is our motivation to write these reviews? Well, there are two reasons. First, when we were students, we applied for custom college papers writing help from time to time ourselves. And not all the services which assisted us were good, some of them were total scammers. We lost money, missed deadlines, and had many problems because of these unreliable services. Now, we have an opportunity to reveal the truth about these dishonest companies and help many students not to repeat our mistakes. Is it a kind of revenge? Yes, it sort of is, too. But who wouldn’t like to pay back after getting a promise of help and then being left on your own? The more students know about scam writing companies, the fewer people will use them, and finally, they will disappear. Maybe, not all, but a large part of them will. Another side of a coin is because we have fun doing this. Making an investigation on another scammer may bring a lot of joy, especially when you know all the truth about it. Listening to a customer support agent’s lie and shutting him up with undeniable facts, addressing uncomfortable questions and getting banned for that is what we like about writing reviews. That’s probably the best reward that you may get, a sort of satisfaction that you feel after nailing another liar and making sure that now everybody will know his true face.

How We Choose and Test These Services

What is the main principle of choosing an online paper writing service for our next review? First, it was rather simple. We just took one of the companies which people on the web said was the best paper writing website and examined it to find out whether it was true or not. So, about the first 30 or 40 reviews were not difficult to conduct. Just take a brand-known service and make an investigation. However, such well-known companies compose quite a short list because only a few can survive for at least two or three years, while the majority could hardly overcome the first six months after their launch. So, after dealing with all reputable companies which have already got positive or negative fame on the Internet, we took a look on the new services which appear at an incredible rate almost every single week. Quite often, the new services turned out to be twins of the already existing companies, meaning the customers who had a bad experience the last time could end up ordering again from the same company without even realizing it. And that it is one more reason why we pay attention to those no-name services, in order to understand whether we are dealing with a new player or the same old friend or fiend. To find the next service for a review, we visit forums, Reddit, Quora, and other resources where students share their experience they had with writing companies, recommend them or warn others about them, or ask whether somebody has used a particular essay writing service before. Sometimes, our visitors contact us asking to investigate this or that paper-writing company. The approach that we use for testing a new writing service is quite simple. We have a few obligatory criteria which in our opinion are crucial when you are ordering from a writing service, they are:

  • Online reputation - In the majority of cases what people say is true, and in most comments, customers inform about the same problems they had with a service.

  • Guarantees - Not all customers read the long and boring terms of use attentively, but we do because we know that if the company wants to deceive you, you can find hints or more evident statements in this long piece of uninteresting text.

  • Prices - Some companies offer reasonable prices, others require a payment which is too high, though both write papers of the same quality. So, why overpay? We will tell you whether the prices are good and correspond to the level of service you receive or if they are extortionate, and it is better to select another company.

  • Customer Support - The work of this department is very important, especially when you need writing assistance urgently. Can you rely on these guys in a time of need? That’s why we test this part of the site as well.

  • Quality of Papers - And finally, what quality of a paper can you expect from a service. Are they as good as they promise to be? We test that as well.

Aren't All Custom Writing Companies Scams?

You have probably heard those pieces of negative feedback where people were saying that all custom writing services are a scam. That’s an exaggeration for sure because you can find equally the same number of comments where people say absolutely opposite things. So, which ones are right? The truth is that the essay writing industry, as well as all other industries, has both companies which do their best and provide supreme quality of services and those who are just liars and scammers. How do you differentiate a scam writing service from a reliable one? We’d like to say there is one simple rule like that those who charge less than 7 dollars per page are scammers because professionals do not work for pennies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way. A high price itself is not a guarantee of high quality. We met a lot of companies which require affordable sums of money for their works, and they did a pretty good job. However, we also had to deal with those companies which charged almost twice more but couldn’t even deliver an average quality paper to us. There are a lot of factors that can indicate that you should avoid using a particular service. And that’s the reason why we actually prepare these essay writing help reviews. In them, after a thorough examination of a writing service, we come to a conclusion whether a service is trustworthy or not, and provide our final word which is based on the findings and our experience with this company. We can assure you that top essay writing services do exist, and we can name them as well as those which you should avoid because they are a total scam.

Won't My Professor Find Out I Bought My Essay Online?

Guarantees and confidentiality are what customers are concerned about the most. The frequently asked question is - Will my professor find out that I buy papers from essay writing services online? And the answer is no. No matter what writing company you select, they all without exception keep the identity of their customers in secret. There is no need to say that it is the supreme goal of even the most scammy writing services. Your personal information that may be required during the payment method will not be disclosed neither to the third parties nor to a company’s employees. When you create an account, you get an id which is the only thing that a writer, customer support agent, or QA department staff will know about you. For them, you will be just a client with numbers instead of a name. The chances of your professor finding out whether you use essay writing assistance or not are equal to nothing. It is simply impossible because you get an original work written from scratch which means that a professor cannot figure out where you got it. Even if he has suspicions that somebody has helped you, there is not a single way to prove it. The oldest writing companies have been working for over two decades, and if this were an unreliable way of academic help for students, they wouldn’t last for so long.

Short of Money? Use Promo Codes We Collected for You

Despite the fact that most of the best essay services which are in our top list do not charge too much, we realize that even affordable prices might seem a bit high for students. That’s why we decided to help our visitors by collecting some promo codes that give you a guaranteed discount. The size of the discount may vary depending on a service, but on average, it starts from 10%, and in some cases can be even higher. There are also specific bonus systems that some companies offer to their loyal customers. We always mention them in our essay writing company reviews in the Price and Discount section. So, if a company has any price reduction solutions, we will inform you about them.

Used the Service from Our List? Help Us and Leave Your Feedback

It is very important for us to hear about your experience with the services that you can find on our list. Share your feedback and tell us whether our reviews were helpful. What do you think about a company’s service? Was it as good as promised? Did the writer write a decent paper for you and followed all your instructions carefully? What about customer support? Were these guys friendly and polite? We know that sometimes agents do not do their best to assist customers, and thus, this aspect is also of supreme importance. Just write a couple of sentences and tell what you think about a service. It is possible that your particular case can shed some light on a company’s pitfalls which have appeared recently. So, your comment may be very helpful to our other visitors who are considering using the same writing service.

Hundreds Of Essay Topics to Get Your Essay Going

Have you ever been stuck with making up a good topic for your essay? Of course, you have. It is impossible to generate great ideas for homework assignments time after time. You want to impress your teacher, to demonstrate that you have a wonderful mind and you can write a decent essay. And as we all know, every good paper begins with a choice of a good topic. And if you cannot make one yourself, it will be quite tough for you to write a good paper which will reveal your inner talents, capacity for critical thinking, and your writing skills. To facilitate your search and finding college essay topics that will satisfy your high demands and expectations of your teacher, we have prepared hundreds of prime ideas for writing an academic paper for you. On our site, you will find a huge collection of various essay topics for 11 types of the most frequently required essays. Are you looking for a fresh idea for your argumentative essay? - Check our compilation and choose the one you like. Do you need a topic for your narrative, persuasive, informative, or evaluation essay? - We also have topics for these types of works and many others. All our topics are divided into levels of difficulty and range of interest. There are those which will work the best for high school students. However, if you are, for example, a college sophomore and need a more challenging idea for your essay, we have more interesting and difficult topics for your consideration. We also have a collection of topics about sports, some controversial ideas for discussion, and even funny ones if you are tired of serious analysis and want to reason about some daily things. Just see our huge list of topics, and you will never struggle with a search of topics for your assignments anymore.

More than a Thousand Essay Samples on Virtually Any Topic

In case you are experiencing problems with writing an essay or don’t know how to begin it and need an example of the same topic essay that you have, then you are in the right place! We have over 1,000 college essay examples on our website. Here, we have gathered academic papers of various subjects and on the most frequently requested topics. Sometimes, you can find a couple or even up to a dozen samples on the topic that you have. So, you are not limited only by one single sample and can check various variations of an essay on the same topic. In this list, we have gathered the examples of the best college essays which were written by excellent students and got the highest grades from their teachers. You are free to use them as guidelines while writing your own paper on a similar topic. However, do not copy and past any pieces of these papers because that is actual plagiarism and your work will lose originality. Our huge base of essay samples includes assignments on virtually any subject - Literature, History, Healthcare, Sociology, Psychology, Art, Music, and many others. The range of topics is also impressive and can satisfy your current demand. We have essays on World War II, school problems and dilemmas, novels’ analysis, papers which discuss an ethical side of scientific research, some personal narrative and argumentative essays, sports and games, philosophical and rhetorical issues, and a lot of other topics that you are frequently assigned in school.

Writing Tools to Lighten Your Writing Process

Have you ever dreamed of making the writing process a bit easier? Sure, you have. Every student thinks about it while working on yet another essay and wondering why it takes so much time and whether there are some ways to do it faster. Having absolutely the same intentions and desires, we have created a couple of helpful essay writing tools. Unfortunately, none of them can write an essay for you, that would be a utopia. But who knows, maybe in the nearest future, even this request will become possible. Currently, we have developed online writing tools which are supposed to save your time and reduce the amount of efforts that you spend every time when writing an essay. Our tools are absolutely FREE! You don’t need to pay money for them now or later. We do not ask you to provide your credit card details like some smartasses do so that they could secretly charge money from your bank account a month later because there was a small notification that there is an only 1-month free trial. We also do not even require your email address or completing registration. Just visit the page with our free writing tools and start using them immediately.

A Blog Where We Share Student Tips and Tricks

Every good site should have a blog, and we are not an exception. That’s the place where we can communicate with our visitors, giving them some college essay prompts and simply sharing our own thoughts on different issues which have or do not have any connection with study. So, our blog is not a boring place where we give you 7 Tips on How not Falling Behind in College or Top 5 Common App Prompts Every Student Should Know in a very monotonous manner. No, that’s not our approach, we decided to go a different way. Our Blog is a mix of knowledge, secrets, tips, facts, and just stories seasoned with humor and jokes. Why can’t a blog dedicated to studying be a bit funny? Talking about serious things in a non-serious manner is our style. Sarcasm and irony? We can’t imagine our lives without it. So it would not be right to create a blog and write boring posts there like a real snob. Hopefully, you get our point and share our attempt to address important tips and tricks in such an unordinary way.